Monday, January 23, 2017

First Pics at the Provo MTC 1-19-2017

Me working hard and loving it!

  My Companions- Elder Kammerman(kearns Ut) and Elder Yingling(Orlando Fl)

WOW!!!! I'm so lost for words right now. The MTC is the coolest thing ever. I'm so grateful to be here and it has helped me sooooo much! This place is incredible. Its nothing like i expected at all. The schedule is kicking my butt tho haha. im so tired during the day but its awesome anyways,We have so much fun and get so much done its the best thing. I am in a trio companionship. My comps names are Elder Kammerman(kearns ut) and Elder Yingling(orlando fl, last name is german haha) go look at the pics. Were all going to Olongapo! theres also 2 other elders going to our mission in our zone. These elders are the answers to my prayers. I honestly can say i dont know what i would do without them. 
We have already taught an investigator all in tagalog! It is the coolest thing to see how the spirit works. Our first lesson was very interesting haha, i would say 85% of the time i was laughing because we were struggling to say words the whole time haha it was badd! Our next lessons went very well tho because we kinda knew what to expect and most importantly we knew what her needs were. Our 3rd lesson i bore my testimony on prayer and started to cry, it was so awesome. something i will never forget. Our investigator got teary eyed but idk if she cried haha. We taught our last lesson with her today and she accepted to be baptized. right after she accepted my comp didn't know what to say and he said "thank you", everyone started to bust up laughing it was so funny hahahaaa. the gift of tongues is real everyone. 
The language is a serious struggle. the words are sooo long. for example. faith in tagalog is pananampalataya. please please please pray for me and my comps. We need all the extra help we can get. 
I cant wait to see the kids when i come home janae. thanks for having them right after you dropped me off. love you. when i saw the pictures i immediately started to ball my eyes out. 
This Mtc is so fun and im so grateful to be a missionary. The spirit me and my comps feel is absolutely incredible. Excuse me for my spelling im losing my english already ;) im so grateful for my savior and the ability to use the atonement. Our investigator said this"Im not good enough for baptism, i don't feel like god will accept me into his kingdom, why would Jesucristo die for me" as you all pray this week ask your heavenly father that question, and send me your answers. I need them. Theres absolutely no way i could do this without the help of our heavenly father. Im growing in ways i never thought were possible before coming here its insane. 

EVERYONE SEND ME LETTERS AND PACKAGES :)))))))))) it means so much more than you think. i love the mtc but its not good at the same time haha. it would mean so much to me if you all sent letters of love. haha. MY P-Days are on thursday!!!! send me mail everyone you have to. My MTC address is 

Elder Jace Breinholt
2005 N 900 E Unit 113
Provo UT 84602

USE and send me tons of letters. it will help me get through the day more than you all would ever imagine.
i made a list of what i want hahaa(sorry for being selfish)lolol
cactus cooler
my razor hahahaa send that mom pls
any snacks such as goldfish, crackers, fruit snacks anything.
candy duh :)
anything. pls it will help so much. 

theres so much i want to say but i want you guys to know that i love you and miss you all. you guys are in my prayers. also its really hard to call everyone elder and sister haha. also i never knew we could get so much done in the day its awesome. the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. thank your heavenly father every day for what he has done for you. you guys are awesome. i miss you all. mahal kita. also i kick everyones butt in basketball haha. we get to play every day. there is barley anytime to take pics so ill work on that. this place is such a blessing ​