Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pics of the Week

 Public Transportation. Trycicle 

Pizza with plastic cheese. We were so pumped we found a pizza place. 


Hey Family and Friends!

This week started off good with a Family Home Evening at the Diat Family where we shared a spiritual insight about the Priesthood and  ate tons of Spaghetti. They cooked some super awesome tasty Spaghetti for us. So maraming salamat sa kanilla.

On Tuesday we had an awesome finding opportunity. So Elder Jones had a place he wanted to go finding. So we decided to check it out. We started to Tao'po and knock on the doors. The first house, nothing no one there, the second house gave us a wave and so no thank you, we finally came to a street with some people standing on it. When i saw them I told Elder Jones. That's who we need to talk to. But we didn't go at first, we knocked on some more houses and got denied. And then we decided alright lets go talk to them. As we started to introduce ourselves we got to know them. So it was a 20 year old kid and his grandma sitting outside. So we start introducing ourselves and the 20 year kid just talks english to us. We were so shocked haha it was so funny. And to find out he was very familiar to the church. He had been taught like all the lessons before in Baguio(not in our mission). SO we asked him if it was alright to go inside and talk to him. He agreed and we ended up sharing the Restoration again with him. He was answering like all of our questions and knew like everything about it. So me and Elder Jones are just looking at him like whatttttt. So we just were thinking we have to give this guy a baptismal date. But as we were finishing the lesson he opened up to us about how he is in the choir for the Catholic Church and how he just doesnt think he can go to our church. So we told him to pray about and to see what God tells him. So hes super cool. His name is John Ray. So i mean we backed off on the baptismal date. But hes super sick.

But speaking of Baptismal Dates. We set some with some of our investigators this week! One of them is Julie Angel.. She is a part member. Her brother helps us teach her too. Her brother was baptized a couple years ago but didnt really go to church after he was baptized. and then his mom is a super less active. But the dad,honestly i forgot. But weve been teaching Julie Angel because she hasnt been to Mormons yet so were helping her know whats up. She accepted a baptismal date for Jan20. So hopefully we can like reactivate the whole family as she investigates the church. So we will pray for them! 

Yeah and then the others are our homies who went to church last week. Well one of them went last week. Si Niel and Leo. We set them up for Jan too. But their Dad gets home from his Job in Manilla this next week. So were going to have to make sure it is okay with him. And hopefully we can teach them., Because they are an investigator family. But the mom doesnt want us to teach her because the Dad doesnt want too. So hopefully when the dad comes home we can help them know of the truth. So hopefully the tatay is all chill with us. So its honeslty just a work in progress with them because they are shy too but theyre like our homies. Its hard to explain. 

But other than that! We had a sweet opprotunity to teach our recent converts dad! He was telling us how much his head hurts and stuff. So we opened it up to teaching him about Preisthood Blessings and then that opened the door for us to share about the Restoration. So we shared and it went good. The only problem is he cant read because his eyes cant see the words clear. But I think he has some glasses so it shouldnt be a good excuse. So yeah and we got to teach some of his kids too the other sisters in the family. So it was a huge score and a huge answer to our prayers. 

We also finally got to teach some of these people we have been contacting for a while about the Restoration. So it went super good. They are a family who were answering all of our questions and seemed super excited about the Book of Mormon to read it and what not. So we will see what happens. So it was super awesome to teach them. 

Also this returned missionary has been bringing his little step brother to church for like the past month. And hes not baptized. So the thing with him is like hes super hyper. So we can never talk to him and when we do he runs from us. Hes like 12. But this sunday it was different. He actually let us talk to him and we taught him the first lesson. And hes pretty receptive. So Im thinking hes reading to be baptized pretty soon. So wish us luck. I still dont know who his parents are either. So we will see what we can do. 

So i mean. Lots of good teaching this week and helping investigators come unto Christ. We did some good stuff this week. We also had our Mission President interview this week! So that always helps us feel the atonement and he helps us a ton! So props to him. 

So yeah! This week is the last week of the transfer! I cant believe how quick its been! So we'll see what happens see if me or Elder Jones gets transferred. But until that. STAY STRONG all of you and do what is right. Heavenly Father will help us as we follow the Spirit in our lives. 

Also all you Utah people! ENJOY that snow! i miss that stuff! 

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

More pics of the Week!!!

Pics of the Week

Our Christmas packages!!!YAY!!!

The tree in the background my mom made.  I haven't decorated it yet.

Baptism of Revelyn and Alexia

Lighting the World in the Philippines 12-3-2017

I title this email that because malapit na ang Pasko and the initiative the church is doing right now! The Light the World.

We've been handing out pass along cards with the Light the World on it and been inviting people to 

Its truly amazing how we can help someone in someway everyday as Christmas gets close! Let us all take this challenge and have fun with it! 

Elder Jones and I decided to Light the World by helping this super old lady and her daughter to pick theirs weeds. We were on our way to an investigator when we saw them struggling to pick their weeds. We ended up helping them finish picking their weeds and were able to share to them about the Light the World. It was super awesome and I felt so happy as i spread the Love of Christ and as we invited them to visit to find out more. 

The baptism went through with Revelyn and Alexia! We helped them review this week for their interivew with Elder Yingling and they did great! I was able to baptize Alexia and stand in for both of their confirmations. So it was super awesome to finally see them as official members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Their so awesome. 

It was also good to see our new stud investigator at church si Niel. The 16 beast went to church by himself without his best freind who is a member. So yeah thats what were working with right now. So wish me luck with spreading the Christmas Cheer.

 I love you all and Merry Christmas! 

More Pics of the Week

Pics of the Week

Our Thanksgiving dinner!! 

Me and the YING ^

Thanksgiving Week! 11-26-2017

Thanksgiving week was awesome eve though they dont celebrate it here in the Philippines. First off it started off with an awesome FHE with a recent convert family here in the branch and then on Tuesday was me and the day Elder Yingling have been waiting for 10 months. Exchanges! 

So on Tuesday me and one of my MTC comps did exchanges Elder Yingling! It was so awesome. Lets just say there has been so much improvement since the MTC haha. We had some really cool experiences when we worked. We ran into a girl in the street who was talking to us about how the past missionaries there taught her. So we asked if we could teach her. So she took us back to her house and their family was there. And we were able to teach the family about the Restoration and it turned out the Dad was a less active of 30 years. But it was surprising because he remembered alot about the restoration. So it was awesome. And the daughter went to church the next sunday! And then we went on an adventure after that. We went hiking up a mountain to see if there were any houses up there. And it eventually lead to the beach and there was a couple houses there. So we found the beach and we saw this fisherman working. So we were just taking pictures of the beach and then we ended up talking to the Fisherman and it turned out he was interested in the gospel! We set a return appointment and they went and taught him and he went to church! Crazy how the Lord led us there. Lets just say it was an awesome time! It wouldve been better if we worked in my area but oh well. Next time. Haha it was an awesome time. Super good to catch up with Elder Yingling! It was such a good time!

Other than that we had an awesome week. We killed a live chicken and cooked it up for Elder Jones' birthday. And our investigators were doing great this week! It was a super fun week. Were getting ready for the baptism of Revelyn and Alexia this Saturday. In matter of fact.. Revelyn not even a member yet in the church, gave the opening prayer in sacrament this Sunday! And they sang in the young women's choir and Revelyn gave a solo at the beginning. So what in the world haha. They are so awesome. And they're super excited for this Saturday! We had an awesome lesson with them teaching them about baptism and we all felt the spirit so strong when we talked about what was going to happen to them on Saturday and how they are going to be baptized. So it was awesome. 

Then on thanksgiving day our senior couples gave us some canned goods and stuff from America for Thanksgiving. So we cooked that up for us and our Filipino housemates and it tasted like home. It was awesome. Our kabahays really liked it too. 

But it was an awesome week! 

One more story! So we have an investigator who's sister is a less active. And we haven't been able to teach her this week because she has been out of town. But their mom has been having health problems. And the less active told her mom that we could give her a blessing of healing. And that's what she did she asked us missionaries to give her a blessing. And we gave her a blessing and it went good. We just told her by her faith she could be healed if she really believed. The crazy thing is she inst even a member of our church. But her heart is slowly opening up to the gospel. So what a blessing! We hope she starts investigating the church! 

Have a good week all of you! Have faith in Christ and he will guide your paths! Go team!

We had mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing and chicken... and i did the filipino thing to add some rice haha.

Pics of the Week!!!

Hand washing my clothes!

Finding grind

Baptism of the Investigator me and Elder Leakehe found in Cupang! 

Be a friend like Jobert 11-19-2017

Hey everyone! Hope you guys had an awesome week and ur doing good!

This week was good! We got to teach a boy who went to church with his member friend(jobert) and we also got to know his family! So they're super awesome and were hoping they can progress! Super awesome how the member took his non member friend to church and how it sparked his interest in learning more about the church! And we got to teach his brother also. But they were in the city on sunday so they didn't go to church. But hopefully next week! Their mom is cool! Shes the only one in her family who is not a member of the church. So hopefully we can convince them of the truth. 

Also our teaching went super good with Revelyn and Alexia. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chasity and they are so receptive. They've been reading a ton in the Book of Mormon and praying like crazy. They're getting ready for their baptism on December 2. And they love going to the activities with the branch here. They are so masipag! And they are an Investigator family but the Dad and Mom don't really have an interest in listening to us. So were trying to pray super hard for them. So hopefully we can teach them. But the Dad said its okay if they get baptized. So i mean his hearts open a little bit. We will keep trying with him. 

And we also did some finding this week and it was super hard! We would contact them and share about the restoration and then set a return appointment to actually teach them. And then it would never work out. Like all of our appointments but 1 actually worked out. So its been a little bit of a struggle. But were going to be consistent with it. We got this. Hopefully next week will be better. I got news too and i get to do exchanges with one of my MTC companions Elder Yingling this tuesday. So its going to be so fun! So a lot to look forward to this week. 

And also i got news that one of my investigators in one of my last areas was baptized! Ruffa! So that makes me super happy! She was the member referral i always talked about and she decided to be baptized! So that's so awesome. I remember the first time i met her and i had a feeling that she would be baptized! and turns out i get news shes baptized! So lets go. 


So help us missionaries out and give lots of referrals. So there can be lots of baptisms. 

We also are getting close with this less active named Jonas. His family was baptized a while ago and they stopped going to church. But we've been being friends with him and inviting him to stuff and this sunday he went to church so thats so awesome. And his little sister hasn't been baptized yet but shes 12. So hopefully we can reactivate the family and baptize the little girl! So we'll try it this week! WIsh is luck! 

But in the mean time i will be playing lots of basketball and teaching people the gospel. So you guys can be jealous! Have a good week! 

Pics of the Week

Me and Elder Jones

Me and Elder Jones.  He is from Highland Utah just like me!!! I saw him all the time at the Alpine Country Club when I worked there:)

Back to the Bukid 11-12-17

Well transfer week was full of surprises! We got the transfer news and Elder Ramos and I were both transferred! We were shocked! He got transferred south and i got transferred up the road to Liozon. But good thing the branch leader knows about everyone we taught. So they will be able to continue things in Iba. 

Before i was transferred we were able to teach the Perariza Family. And we talked to them about how God gives us all weakness and basically what they need to do to be baptized. So hopefully in December they are baptized. And we were able to teach a PM who should be able to get baptized this month too. And also our goals for November should follow through. So i mean it hurts a little bit to get transferred. But God has a plan. Ill get over it soon. BUT
Awesome news! My new companion is Elder Jones. Hes from Highland Utah! He played on the LP golf team and i saw him all the time at the country club. So its been super fun to finally get to know him more! He just graduated this year. Hes now 6 weeks in the mission. So i get to finish off his training. Its crazy too because his first companion was Elder Sudweeks (my trainer) but last week was his last transfer in the mission. So now i get to take his last area, and finish off the training of Elder Jones!

So now i'm on my 4th area and 6th companion. 5 foreigners and 1 Filipino comp.

So this week Elder Jones showed me our investigators and showed me around our area. Its not too far from my last area. Its just up the road actually. I was shocked how small it was. Apparently the people wake up super early to work in the rice fields and then go to bed super early. So its been a change for me because I've been in the city for the last 5 months were people are up till 9. So its a little adjustment, but it will be all good. We taught some of the investigators they have about the Word of Wisdom and about how much God loves them to a different one. So its been going good so far. We also had a sweet Branch activity that i got to meet a bunch of members in the branch. And we invited some investigators and they went! so that was way awesome. So its going to be good!  

I love you guys and I'm grateful for this time the Lord has given me to be a missionary and wish us luck this week. Love you guys! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pics of the Week

Our District Meeting was at a house that was on the front of the beach.

      Cute kid who gave me some Papaya


November 5, 2017

It was good week for my companion and I. We celebrated All Souls Day. Its on November 1 where everyone goes to the cemetery and drops off flowers for their families that have passed on. It was good for us because we had a really fun FHE and we were able to have some of our investigators attend. It was awesome.They don't celebrate Halloween here. But its all good.

We focused on three families this week. It was good we taught 1 about keeping the Word of Wisdom and how much it will bless their lives and how they need to follow it in order to be baptized and how it plays such a big role in our lives. We taught the other about the Book of Mormon and about the Plan of Salvation and how the gospel will strengthen our families as we live throughout this life and what they need to do to return to Heavenly Father as one happy family. They've been doing so good reading the assignments in the Book of Mormon. And the last family we taught about how there will be an overflowing of blessings if they pay tithing when they become members of the church. It was a good week for our investigators and we were able to help them know of the truth. And it was great because our baptismal goal has gone to church 3 times in a row! So they are going to be baptized this month in November. And also we got the most Investigators to church I've ever got to church my whole mission. So it was awesome. But the 2 of the families we focused on werent able to go to church.

And Transfer day is this week. I've been in this area for about a month now and its been good for me! I've got a good feel for it and I've really learned alot about stretching myself as a missionary and how important my calling really is. So lets do our best and do what the Savior would have us do! 

Pic of the Week


My email is in Tagalog...October 29, 2017

Magandang Umaga po family, mga tropa, and mga ibang kaibigan. Sana po maayos ang mga lingo ninyo. Kasi masaya ang lingo ko po dito sa Iba Zambales. 

Noon Lunes. NagFamily Home Evening kami kasama ung Tolentino Family. oh sobrang masaya po ung FHE sa kanila. Nagbahagi kami ng isang mensahe tapos kumain kami ng manok. Sobrung masarap ung manok po dito sa Pilipinas. 

Tapos po nagexchanges po kami kasama ung district leader po namin. Sobrung astig si Elder Ontoria. Masaya ung exchanges po namin. Nagbahagi kami sa mga tinuturuan po namin. Sana po mabibiyagan ung Perariza Family. Pero may konteng mga tukso daw si Brother kaya hindi siya nakapagsimba. Freak sobrung sayang. kasi akala ko talaga makakasimba siya kasama ang pamiliya niya. Pero hindi. Tapos nagfiniding kami. May nahanap po kami pamilya. Date tinuruan sila ng mga miseynero. sobrung masaya ung exchanges namin.

Ayon, so Sa Mieyrkoles. ako at si elder Ramos nagwork ulit. nahanip namin yung mga date tinuturuan ng mga dating miseynero at tapos nagturo kami sa isang part member. pero goodness. hindi siya nakapagsimba dahil may sakit daw. Hindi ako naniniwala. pero ginawa po namin ang part namin. kaligtasan niya hindi ung kaligtasan namin :p . pero ung tatay din. sayang hindi di nagsimba. pero sa susunod ng mga lingo. magsisimba siya. so exciting iyan. gogoal namin siya. siguro mga Janruary dahil hindi pa sila kasal. so winiwork out namin iyan. 

Tapos sa Thursday .binilik namin sila Perariza. Finollow up namin ung pesta nila para mabinyagan sila sa November 25. Sila po ung goal namin para sa November. So sana makakapagsimba sila. Tinuruan namin sila ng ANM. At binigay namin sila ng assignment para magbasa. At ginawa nila. So lets goo! Sobrung astig. Tapos binilik kami ng isang date tinuruan at nagturo kami sa kanya. Ayos lang. Okay lang siya. Mabait. So fofollowup namin siya. 

Oh yeah tapos sa Friday nagexchanges kami ulit kasama ung mga Zone Leader. Ung kasama ko noon si Elder Furniss. Sobrung masaya ung exchanges namin. Taga Idaho si Furniss. At nagcommit kami ng 5 tao para mabinyagan. So it went really good. It was awesome. At nahapin kami ng isang New investigator. Tapos kumain kami ng Angles burger. Masarap iyan. At nagwork ung isang ZL at ung kasama ko Si Ramos sa area namin. 

Ayos at Sabado at Linggo masaya din. Yung mga kabahay po namin. May nabinyagan po sila. Sobrung astig si Tatay Julius. Palage siya nagsisimba.Tapos nag 2 investigators kami na nagsimba. Pero ayos lang iyan. ginagawa po namin ang best po namin. at iyan po ung mahalaga. So tuloy na lang po kami sa work. At tutulungan namin po sila na lumapit kay JesuCristo. So masaya ung gawin ng Miseyonero. At Sana hindi kayo nagnonose bleed. haha. Gamitan nyo lang ung Google Translate haha. Pero Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Ingat po kayo palage!!  

Pics of the Week

​We had a Csp and we helped them pack up rice! It was fun

FaZe up!

Pic from the hike
Elder Sudweeks my trainer who gave his farwell testimony at Zone Conference and his new trainee Elder Jones. Funny story about him. He was on the LP golf team and I always saw him at the country club when i worked there!

Elder Breinholt IBA ZAMBALES Oct 23, 2017

Hey everyone! Sorry i wasn't able to send any emails or pictures last week. The website wasn't working. But these couple of weeks have been good. 

Last week we finally listened to General Conference! Wow it was really good. Some things that stuck out to me was about helping someone else. I felt like that was repeated a lot. How we need to focus on others and help someone in need. Or maybe that's just what i needed to hear haha. So i really liked that. And the last message with Neil L. Anderson of course stuck out to me. About how he ended it with President Monson's blessing upon all of us. His talk was super powerful. But it was great to hear their voices and their words of inspiration.

Well that me and my companion and pretty new to the area we found most of the people that the missionaries before us taught and we've picked up on their teaching. We've been doing a good job with trying to resolve concerns and really teach the people not lessons. We've helped some of them commit to baptism and we have a super cool family that were teaching but the wife is in Saudi Arabia working. And the husband with no job has no job and he has to take care of the kids. Its kind of a reverse haha its funny. But their super cool. But they want to get baptized. So we goaled them for November. There's the dad and his 4 kids. So they've been fun to teach and hopefully they can get to church this Sunday. 

These weeks have been a blur it goes by so fast. But we only had 2 investigators at sacrament this week. So i mean only 2 of our investigators our understanding what we actually teach if their the only ones going to church. But hopefully we can change that this coming Sunday. But ill talk about the ones who went to church..

So the first one is a Dad. He had a live in partner for so many years so they could never get baptized because they never got married. But they let all the kids get baptized. But this week the wife left so he said he wants to get baptized in December if she doesn't come back. So us missionaries are happy! and then its one of our new investigators. She lives by our recent converts and their actually cousins. So she got taught by the missionaries before but she never got baptized because she stopped going to church. But seeing her cousins have been going to church has sparked her interest again and she went to church with them. So it was cool. But her and her little sister were teaching but the parents though. Thats the real question. The Dad wont really talk to us but we talked to the wife she is super cool and she was actually baptized way back when she was just a little girl. But when she got married like every filipino i swear haha. She stopped going to church. So hopefully we can teach them as one whole family but their house is a litlte small so theres really no space. But their next door neighbor is the wifes mom. So maybe we can work something out and teach there. 

So i mean its been good. Its awesome we play basketball every pday here so its good exercise and its fun because I'm tall here haha so its easy to dominate. And we went on a super cool hike! So thanks for all the prayers and Ingat po kayo palage!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Up North goes Elder Breinholt October 8, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!

It was a good week in the Philippines Olongapo Mission for us missionaries.

We were able to work with Ruffa our referral that a member gave us and we were able to teach her with her fellowshipper. And it went really good. She prayed about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and she believes in them. So we extended a baptismal invitation to her for Nov 11. And she accepted. And she really wants to be baptized. So that was the teaching highlight of the week. We also taught Bobby the Word of Wisdom and he was super shocked. And he got pretty serious with us about how he wanted his family baptized with him. But we just haven't found a good time to teach his family. So were working on it. And we worked more with these little girls who are part members. And weve been able to teach alot of people in that area. So its awesome! 

But on Friday night President Lacanenta called me up and told me I was being transferred up north to Iba Zambales.So now i'm out of the South and into the North. So i said goodbye to our investigators and Members in that ward. Im going to miss that area a lot. It was such a good area. But its all good. 
So i got on a bus and headed up here on Saturday. My new companion picked me up Elder Ramos. My first filipino companion! He's from cavite Phillipines and he's 22.  And right when i got here we had a baptism in this area. So we headed straight to the church and i had to unpack my baptismal clothes haha. It was a great day for those kids to be baptized into the true church. Were super happy for them. But i'm excited to work in a new area and get to know these people here and work really hard! 

The church is true. Theres no other church that is true expect the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Im so grateful to be a member of this church. And Im grateful for this opportunity to be here in the Philippines be spreading it! Have a good week everyone and enjoy yourselves! Love you guys

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pics of the Week!!!

Squad with the shades on!!!

Everyone calls me Alaska boy!  They say I look like that kid on the can!! Haha

The Church is True!!! October 1, 2017

Hello Everyone! T'was a good week out here! This week was transfer week and I'm staying another transfer in Cupang. I was honestly shocked. This will be my 6th transfer here xD goodness. But its okay that just means the Lord has more work for me to do here in Cupang! So were excited me and Elder Leakehe to do another transfer together. Its going to be awesome. This week was fun! We taught some of our progressing investigators. Taught them the importance of Prayer and how they need to ask God for themselves if this church is true. Its going to be good to follow up and see if they did it. And we should give some more Baptismal Dates this week. We got a lot to look forward to this week! Its going to be awesome. We also moved apartments. So that's been kinda of a pain but its in a great location for our area because its in the center of it. And were living above the senior couples in our area! So were excited.  We got some new invesitgators who are the granddaughters of a Nanay in our area so they have some great fellowship and they went to church this Sunday with her! There is so much good stuff going on in our area we really just need to keep it up and keep going. 

We are so lucky everyone to be in the right Church! I think about that a ton. So now we just need to be the miracle in someone elses life and help them come to know that!

We havent watched general conference yet were going to watch it next week. So its going to be good. It'll will be nice to hear from them. We cant wait! 

More pics of the Week!

Haha found a Lagoon Shirt

Me walking across a bridge

Mark's Baptism!!!

By small things great things are brought to pass! September 24, 2017

Magandang Umaga po sa inyo lahat. This week was a nice week for us out here in Cupang. 

On Monday we had a sweet Zone Activity and we went to Mt Samot! so that was way nice. Great views and it was really relaxing! We had our last district meeting on Tuesday! This next week is transfer day! So we will get the news if any of us get transferred. I feel like i've really worked hard here in this area. I've now been here 2 transfers so I could be transferred. I wouldn't be mad haha i've been in the same district my whole mission so it would be nice to see some other views. 5 transfers here. But its all good. We did some exchanges and taught Mark more about his Baptism and the covenants hes going to make and it went really good! He asked us some really good questions that we were able to answer. It was awesome. We were able to teach some of our new investigators about what Jesus Christ did here on the earth and how they need to follow his example and be baptized by the correct authority. So that was good. We also taught a lady who was baptized when she was 15 and she went less active, but we retaught her and now we are teaching the kids so its going really good. They love feeding us! So its awesome. We taught Mark some more about his baptism and how we are baptized in the true church. He thought it was fun because we practiced how to be baptized. We made it fun for him. Got him super excited for his baptism! And then we went to his cousin and aunts house for a birthday party! The birthday parties here in the Philippines are super awesome! So what they do they make a ton of food and then all the neighbors come and eat spaghetti, noodles(pancit), and these nice rice cakes. I need to learn more of the names of the food better. But its coming along. Its all good. We had the baptism in the morning on Saturday. It went really good! I was able to baptize him. It went good. It was great to hear his testimony after about the church and he was super excited! And then on Sunday he received the Holy Ghost and got his interview for the Priesthood. Later that night we were invited to another birthday party. And when we go to these parties we always make sure we spread the gospel and ask for referrals. Something always seems to make more since with how people know each other or how they are related its funny! And then we taught some more Investigators and then we had a great dinner at Bishops! So lots of food this week and good lessons.

We just gotta finish this transfer strong and keep up the good work. Keep teaching people the restored gospel and get more and more people aware about the gospel. 

Something that also hit me this week was about how small things great things are brought to pass. And that just by little decisions our whole day or whole week can be effected, even our whole lives. So we just need to always choose the right and do that which the Lord would have us do! I like this Scripture here that says in Alma 
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; bubehold say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

So we need to keep doing those little things like Reading the Scriptures, praying everyday, and going to church every week. I know the Lord will bless us as we do these things.Love you guys. Keep up the awesome work. 

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

More pics of the Week. Sept. 17, 2017


Elder Breinholt and my companion Elder Leakehe.  That's our area in the back


The girl who interviewed us.  She is 23

Pics of the Week

Sweet Bridge

Fruit called Atis

Our District at Mount Samot