Monday, October 9, 2017

Up North goes Elder Breinholt October 8, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!

It was a good week in the Philippines Olongapo Mission for us missionaries.

We were able to work with Ruffa our referral that a member gave us and we were able to teach her with her fellowshipper. And it went really good. She prayed about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and she believes in them. So we extended a baptismal invitation to her for Nov 11. And she accepted. And she really wants to be baptized. So that was the teaching highlight of the week. We also taught Bobby the Word of Wisdom and he was super shocked. And he got pretty serious with us about how he wanted his family baptized with him. But we just haven't found a good time to teach his family. So were working on it. And we worked more with these little girls who are part members. And weve been able to teach alot of people in that area. So its awesome! 

But on Friday night President Lacanenta called me up and told me I was being transferred up north to Iba Zambales.So now i'm out of the South and into the North. So i said goodbye to our investigators and Members in that ward. Im going to miss that area a lot. It was such a good area. But its all good. 
So i got on a bus and headed up here on Saturday. My new companion picked me up Elder Ramos. My first filipino companion! He's from cavite Phillipines and he's 22.  And right when i got here we had a baptism in this area. So we headed straight to the church and i had to unpack my baptismal clothes haha. It was a great day for those kids to be baptized into the true church. Were super happy for them. But i'm excited to work in a new area and get to know these people here and work really hard! 

The church is true. Theres no other church that is true expect the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Im so grateful to be a member of this church. And Im grateful for this opportunity to be here in the Philippines be spreading it! Have a good week everyone and enjoy yourselves! Love you guys

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pics of the Week!!!

Squad with the shades on!!!

Everyone calls me Alaska boy!  They say I look like that kid on the can!! Haha

The Church is True!!! October 1, 2017

Hello Everyone! T'was a good week out here! This week was transfer week and I'm staying another transfer in Cupang. I was honestly shocked. This will be my 6th transfer here xD goodness. But its okay that just means the Lord has more work for me to do here in Cupang! So were excited me and Elder Leakehe to do another transfer together. Its going to be awesome. This week was fun! We taught some of our progressing investigators. Taught them the importance of Prayer and how they need to ask God for themselves if this church is true. Its going to be good to follow up and see if they did it. And we should give some more Baptismal Dates this week. We got a lot to look forward to this week! Its going to be awesome. We also moved apartments. So that's been kinda of a pain but its in a great location for our area because its in the center of it. And were living above the senior couples in our area! So were excited.  We got some new invesitgators who are the granddaughters of a Nanay in our area so they have some great fellowship and they went to church this Sunday with her! There is so much good stuff going on in our area we really just need to keep it up and keep going. 

We are so lucky everyone to be in the right Church! I think about that a ton. So now we just need to be the miracle in someone elses life and help them come to know that!

We havent watched general conference yet were going to watch it next week. So its going to be good. It'll will be nice to hear from them. We cant wait! 

More pics of the Week!

Haha found a Lagoon Shirt

Me walking across a bridge

Mark's Baptism!!!

By small things great things are brought to pass! September 24, 2017

Magandang Umaga po sa inyo lahat. This week was a nice week for us out here in Cupang. 

On Monday we had a sweet Zone Activity and we went to Mt Samot! so that was way nice. Great views and it was really relaxing! We had our last district meeting on Tuesday! This next week is transfer day! So we will get the news if any of us get transferred. I feel like i've really worked hard here in this area. I've now been here 2 transfers so I could be transferred. I wouldn't be mad haha i've been in the same district my whole mission so it would be nice to see some other views. 5 transfers here. But its all good. We did some exchanges and taught Mark more about his Baptism and the covenants hes going to make and it went really good! He asked us some really good questions that we were able to answer. It was awesome. We were able to teach some of our new investigators about what Jesus Christ did here on the earth and how they need to follow his example and be baptized by the correct authority. So that was good. We also taught a lady who was baptized when she was 15 and she went less active, but we retaught her and now we are teaching the kids so its going really good. They love feeding us! So its awesome. We taught Mark some more about his baptism and how we are baptized in the true church. He thought it was fun because we practiced how to be baptized. We made it fun for him. Got him super excited for his baptism! And then we went to his cousin and aunts house for a birthday party! The birthday parties here in the Philippines are super awesome! So what they do they make a ton of food and then all the neighbors come and eat spaghetti, noodles(pancit), and these nice rice cakes. I need to learn more of the names of the food better. But its coming along. Its all good. We had the baptism in the morning on Saturday. It went really good! I was able to baptize him. It went good. It was great to hear his testimony after about the church and he was super excited! And then on Sunday he received the Holy Ghost and got his interview for the Priesthood. Later that night we were invited to another birthday party. And when we go to these parties we always make sure we spread the gospel and ask for referrals. Something always seems to make more since with how people know each other or how they are related its funny! And then we taught some more Investigators and then we had a great dinner at Bishops! So lots of food this week and good lessons.

We just gotta finish this transfer strong and keep up the good work. Keep teaching people the restored gospel and get more and more people aware about the gospel. 

Something that also hit me this week was about how small things great things are brought to pass. And that just by little decisions our whole day or whole week can be effected, even our whole lives. So we just need to always choose the right and do that which the Lord would have us do! I like this Scripture here that says in Alma 
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; bubehold say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

So we need to keep doing those little things like Reading the Scriptures, praying everyday, and going to church every week. I know the Lord will bless us as we do these things.Love you guys. Keep up the awesome work. 

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

More pics of the Week. Sept. 17, 2017


Elder Breinholt and my companion Elder Leakehe.  That's our area in the back


The girl who interviewed us.  She is 23

Pics of the Week

Sweet Bridge

Fruit called Atis

Our District at Mount Samot

Dreams like a 40 story cross! Sept. 17, 2017

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! The Christmas songs have started here in the Philippines. It is time... but other than that I was able to give my first talk in church and my first blessing!
Mark had his interview for his baptism and he passed! So its going to happen this Saturday! Were super excited and we've been helping him get more ready. Hes been to church 8 times now. Hes a stud. Were going to baptize him at the church. It has a font.
So this week we got a text from my first area telling us we had to give a blessing for a member in the hospital here in the city. And it turned out it was Tatay Fernandez. This tatay worked with us so much in our first area and he is a big asset to the missionary work in Bagac(my1st area) but he had a heart attack. So we were able to give him a blessing and it went good! He has been recovering and hes getting better slowly. But it was awesome I was able to give him a blessing for the 1st time in the field.
We weren't able to teach our member referral this week. So we were pretty bummed. But we will teach her this week. Were going to make sure she understands the Book of Mormon and is reading it! And then we will move onto lesson 2. We were able to teach Bobby some more and his family. Hes such a cool guy. We also need to help him get reading the Book of Mormon and we haven't been able to teach his family in a little bit. So hopefully this Friday we can teach them as a whole family! We were also working with some of our not progressing investigators and it doesnt look like they are going to progress. Thats the family where we went to their church. But it is what it is. God has a plan. We will see what happens. But weve found some new investigators that weve been trying to progress. So its all good. Something else funny that happened this week was we were asked if we could be taught tagalog for a class video. So this group made a video of us and they taught us some words in tagalog for their class. We knew all of them except for 2. It was sunset and dimple. Haha but we acted like we didnt really know the tagalog. It was funny!
We also got to taste a fruit that is only here in the Philippines. Its called atis. Its sweet and you rip it open and eat everything but the seeds. Its super good and nice and sweet.

We also had our President interviews this week and that's always a good time! Its always nice to sit down with President Lacanienta and talk to him! Hes super cool and he has been doing great since he and his wife have been here!
Saturday night we got a text from the Ward and were asked to give a talk. Theres 4 of us in the ward so they wanted 2 of us to talk. So me being the longest in the ward i decided it better be time to chastize them. haha jokelang. And then we decided Elder Orchard was fit for the other spot. It went good! Except that i laughed at my own joke. I told them how Brian and Terri Ann were married in the Salt Lake temple and Janae and Connor followed them and then i said and hopefully i follow them too. Haha it was funny. But i was able to talk about the Book of Mormon. It went all good and it was all in tagalog. So i was proud of that.
But yeah that was pretty much the week! I hope you guys had a good week. I love you all. We just got back from a zone activity. We played sports and went to Mount Samot. Its a big cross on a hill and it has some cool history. Its basically just a memorial giving thanks to all of the solders who helped free the Philippines in the time of World War 2. The bases here in our mission helped that a ton. And my first area is from where they marched the prisoners all the way down to where we are now. So its super cool. Its super history. But then the USA nuked Japan so it ended everything. So go team. But that was my second time there. this time was better because it wasnt foggy like last time. but other than that
I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve in such a cool place. I'm really loving it more and more im here. It is really great!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pics of the Week!!!

I Can't live without rice. SALMON AND LEAVES

Batch mates!

Bowling Master! 

CHRIST LIVES Sept 10, 2017

There's no reason to stress all my people out there reading this, because Christ lives. We have every reason to be happy because of that. Were in the right church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Iv'e got to this point in my mission where i dont see how these people can deny this message. Like why would you say no to Eternal Families? why would you say no to the Book of Mormon when you can hold it in your hands and read it for yourself. But Its all good. I will do my best and its their decision to decide if they want to accept it or not. That's on them. I did my best. But hey its all good

This next saturday should be a convert baptism! So its going to be great. His name is Mark. He is 12 years old. He is the only one in his family who listens to us. His family is catholic. On Sunday he stays home while they go to church in the morning and then comes to our church in the afternoon. Hes super cool. But hopefully he passes his interview for the baptism! So we will see what happens! 

The Lord gave us a blessing. A member referral. The biggest blessing ever. haha. All we have to do is teach the girl. She has such a good desire. We taught her twice. the member took her to church. Everything so its super good. ah it helped so much. So we need to give her a baptismal date. that's on Wednesday. The girl actually has a cool story. So she investigated the church when she was 18. She told God to give her a sign when she prayed. And that night she had a dream about the 1st vision. So is that not a good sign or what. She asks such good questions and everything when were teaching its super cool! So hopefully that continues.

THE LORDS WORK MOVES ON. 16 months na lang! 

It was a good week tho. The things from Elder Bowen have been helping us in the work and staying focused and what not so its really good. Go missionary work! We are so lucky to have the gospel and lets all go share it! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sept 3, 2017

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Me and Jasmine and some others. !!! Bro Bantugan and the branch pres and his wife.  Jasmine is the lady that I baptized in my first area:)

Pics of the Week!!!

BAWAL ANG TAMAD SA OLONGAPO. (or its not allowed to be lazy in olongapo!)

Us in a jeepnee! 

My islander friends! From Tonga, FIJI!

Our District! man its been great a senior couple moved into our area! YES!

Its more fun in the Philippines September 3, 2017

This week was a good week! I feel like i had to take in so much from this week and somehow try and apply everything that I heard! 

This Wednesday we got to hear from a General Authority from the 70! Elder Bowen and his wife! It was really good what his wife talked about. Something that stuck out to me that she said is that we need to show our love for the Book of Mormon to our investigators! And that stuck with me and that's something i am defiantly going to try and do! And Elder Bowen also gave us 6 things that will change our mission! I feel like its getting revelation from Thomas S. Monson in a sense. So it was super cool to hear from him! I defiantly learned a lot. I really want to try and apply what he told us to do. Some of the things he told us to do were to  wake up at 6:30, plan for 30 minutes a day, have 30 cti's a day. A CTI is a contact, testify, and invite. So its going to be good to goal everyday. And its something i wanted to do before but i never really had the spire to do it until now. So its going to be great! 

Thats something else to here. Sometimes our investigators and people we talk to think we know everything and have studied for years and what not. But in all reality, were just 19 year olds trying to do what we think is right. Its fun haha but it really does get stretching at some times. 

We should have a convert baptism on September 16 if everything goes good! And it has been we just gotta make sure he knows whats up with all the lessons. And were helping him so its going great! Were still having a hard time getting people to go to church! This week it was at the stake center! We had stake conference! It was super good! I got to see my 1st area again! It was super fun to see them. Bagac. I saw Jasmine! She was the girl i baptized and right now..shes the Seminary Teacher! So she is super awesome! Its crazy to see how much she is growing in the church! Its great! I also saw the Narbuco girls! 3 girls that we were teaching while I was in bagac! We were just finishing up the commandments with them and i got transfered right before their baptism but, theyre baptized now! Its really awesome to see the fruits of my work. Its great! I'm so happy for them! 

So this week were really going to try and focus on getting fellowshipers and work with the ward to help these people get to Jesus's church on Sunday. So its going good we just gotta keep grinding out the Lords work. But stake conference was awesome! Our mission president, President Lacanienta and his wife spoke! It was a great time and they did a good job! President even spoke in tagalog for some parts! It was awesome. Lots of stuff i learned from that. 

But i hope you all had a great week! 

The Lord's errand requires our effort. And that's what the gospel of Jesus Christ is about. Giving our effort for the Blessings of the Lord. We all need to give our effort in order to receive blessings. And i pray for me and you that we will be willing to do the will of the Lord. I love you guys so much. Keep Pressing forward all of you. And keep REPENTING. Accept the invitation of the Lord and come back to him. I testify that his arms are always open. He will never turn our backs on him. I love him. And he loves all of us. WE GOT THIS! GO TEAM. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Elder Breinholt CUPANG 8-27-2017

Hello Everyone! 

What a good week we had out here in the Philippines. 

This Sunday we had Ward Conference and it was awesome! The ward put together a choir and there were a ton of them. Filipinos are really talented when it comes to singing! And they are not embarrassed to sing in front of anyone. It's super cool and they did a great job! The topic was on service and it was super motivating to us missionaries seympre because we are here dedicating our loves to the work of the Lord. It was a great Sunday and I felt the spirit a ton. It was even better to see Mark there too! Mark's baptism should be coming up soon! So were still teaching him about the commandments and still getting him ready! Its so cool that even though his family goes to a different church he goes to our church! What a good example to us! He just has a great desire to learn more. We all need to keep that spark of learning in us at all times! 

This week was a good week of teaching people the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were also able to do some service too. I read something that i really liked also in D&C 10 this week. It helped me deifnantly in my teaching this week. It says
 57 Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I came unto mine own, and mine own received me not.
58 I am the light which shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.
59 I am he who said—Other sheep have I which are not of this fold—unto my disciples, and many there were thatunderstood me not.
60 And I will show unto this people that I had other sheep, and that they were a branch of the house of Jacob;
61 And I will bring to light their marvelous works, which they did in my name;
62 Yea, and I will also bring to light my gospel which was ministered unto them, and, behold, they shall not deny that which you have received, but they shall build it up, and shall bring to light the true points of my doctrine, yea, and the only doctrine which is in me.
63 And this I do that I may establish my gospel, that there may not be so much contention; yea, Satan doth stir up the hearts of the people to contention concerning the points of my doctrine; and in these things they do err, for they dowrest the scriptures and do not understand them.
This helped me alot this week with everything. So much goes on in this crazy world but we need to focus on whats most important and thats that Jesus Christ lives. He is directing his church through his prophets and apostles. And His love is not comprehensible for us. And we are so lucky to live in the fullness of times. Everything that was in Jesus Christ's church before has been restored through the prophets. Lets just hope these people read the Book of Mormon! Kaya nila!  

I love you all and have a good week everyone!  


next week pictures. sorry 
Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Monday, August 21, 2017

Pics of the Week!!!

My new companion from Australia and he's Tongan!

Isa pang lingo dito sa PILAPINAS! August 20, 2017

Hey everyone! I hope things are going good for all you! I love you all! 
Got some cool news that Denton got his mission call! Thats so cool that he got called to serve in the Kirabati Marshall Islands Mission! Same one as our cousin Jared! That is just so cool! That gets me pumped for life! 

Also that Alynn is getting ready for her wedding! How awesome! GO FAMILY HAHA

This week was transfer week! It was a good week! I got a new companion! His name is Elder Leakehe! Hes from Australia, and hes Tongan! Its been cool hearing about how things are in Australia and his testimony is awesome! We've been having a good time out here in Cupang!

This week I just feel so grateful again for the gift of the Gospel! Man we take it for granted so much! Its so cool how it works!

Being a missionary is so frustrating ahhaa because you just want everyone to accept the Gospel ya know! I just smash my spiritual knowledge on them give them my testimony and what not then they say they're busy and stuff and don't know if they can meet with us and stuff and it gets me so frustrated. But it makes me think that all i can do is try my best and its their choice if they want to accept it or what not. But it sure hurts when they reject you because you know that they need this message. But other than that

We've been teaching some really good people! And we have some baptisms coming up sooon hopefully. Our investigators right now are really really really struggling with accepting the Book of Mormon. We try and try to help them understand it and its been going good actually. They just need to read the Book of Mormon! We promised them this week if they will read it with real intent and faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost WILL manifest the truth unto them! And it was a really good week! I feel like we have some really good progressing investigators and its been making us happy being the instruments that God is using for this awesome work! 

But man we were looking forward to this Sunday, all of our investigators said they were going to go to church and what not. but only 2 showed up haha. So we gonna try and be patient with them this week haha. Hey but 2 is better than none. So i just need to be greatful. They keep giving us the Filipino yeses. Frustrating. 

But if you guys want, just send me your spiritual knowledge on why we need the Book of Mormon and how i can help these people better understand haha. I like 1 Nephi 13:40 and i like Ezekiel 37 16-17. But just send me what you guys used on your missions to help people and what ever you guys study this week, just send it my way. Maybe we'll just read that prophecy about how people reject the Book of Mormon and they say all they need is the bible to all of our investigators this week. That would be super entertaining haha. I love this haha. being a missionary is fun. 

Thanks for everything everyone! I sure do love all you guys! 


Its been a fun week 3 new Elders got put in this area so i have to show them around haha its fun. Nothing too crazy we ate this week. Just good food that gets me fat. Maybe ill just stop eating like crap the last 6 months of my mission so i can come home skinny. But.right now im just enjoying this like crazy haha.


Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pics of the WEEK!!! Elder Nelson's Last week:(

Elder Breinholt and the Philippines! August 13, 2017

Well! It was an eventful week! The members here are just so great in the Philippines! We worked a lot with them this week! 

The work of the Lord never stops! It was a great time working with the members of this ward! They are so so so nice to us here and I'm super grateful i get to work with such awesome people! They showed their support to us missionaries like crazy this week with my companion Elder Nelson and my kabahay Elder Zamora going home this week by feeding us every single night! They are so nice to us! We appreciate it a ton! 

This week we were able to help Bishop build his house some more and its coming along great! We also had some really awesome FHE's and had some great spiritual messages born! We were able to help our investigators come unto Christ and we cant wait to see what happens this week! We have some new ones to teach and some ones that are progressing great! 

We just need all of our investigators to read the Book of Mormon! It truly is so important that we all read the Book of Mormon! Thomas S. Monson the living prophet has told us all the if we are not reading the Book of Mormon every day to please do so! That is our literal revelation from the living prophet! So lets get going! What are we waiting for! Everyone bust out your Book of Mormons and get reading! By reading it you will know for yourself that it is the word of God and that it literally was translated from gold plates! Its so true and we just hope we can be the instruments in Gods hands to help this read this precious book so that they can know it is true so they can be baptized into the church that has the keys and authority from Jesus Christ! I know this church is true and we have a heavy burden do share this gospel! 

Some of the investigators this week who told us they were going to church this week didn't come, so we were super bummed because it was Elder Nelsons last Sunday. But all we can do is invite and they have their agency! Im so grateful Heavenly Father loves us enough and he gave us the opportunity to choose. I guess right now i'm just really grateful for everything so sorry. but its good! The Church is just so true! Everyone we need to go share it with everyone! 

The Lord is guiding us to those who we need to teach, so I'm not too worried this week. Everyone have an awesome week and remember that you're awesome! Have a good week! 


Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Pics of the WEEK!!!

Bird Sanctuary

Families are Forever! August 6, 2017

Hello po! 

The storms have let up as of right now so we are grateful! I'm actually grateful for the heat as of right now! 

But this week was great! 

On monday i went to Olongapo and got my Pilippino Drivers License! Elder Breinholt is now certified to drive in the Philippines! I wont be driving soon but one day hopefully I'll get the chance to drive here! That would be awesome haha! 

So this week we followed up with Lordes and her family! She was baptized when she was 13 and became less active as the years went bye and she was married and what not! But we have been teaching her again! So this week we took some members over to her house and we had such an awesome lesson! We talked about eternal families and the reality of the Church! And one of the members we were working with grabbed a picture of the family and testified that this Church has the power to seal her family and that she can know that she can see her family on the other side. And it was so powerful! We all felt the spirit really strong! That Sunday she went to church with one of her daughters! And she saw some people that were baptized around the same time she was! We were so ecstatic! it was so awesome! 

We also followed up with the family that came to church 2 weeks ago and showed the Joseph Smith video to them and invited them to be baptized by someone who holds the authority of God. They said yes, but they're not sure. So we will follow up with them this week! 

Other than that! We've been working with a family, and the mom use to listen to us but she has been very busy so we have been teaching the 12 year old boy. We were going to baptize him this Saturday but we ran into some problems. So we have to wait a little. But he came to church! He has some decent fellow-shippers and the Young Men's President is going to talk to him! So were praying for that family! 

The Church is true! I'm super grateful for this opportunity i have right now! It is so fun spreading the Gospel! It makes us so happy! Lets go spread it! 

I ate some pig skin chips this week! They're super popular here and they're growing on me! Other than that, the food is so good here! And this week we set up an appointment with members and investigators to say goodbye to my companion! So its going to be an awesome week! 


Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission



It's been raining like crazy here in Cupang! A typhoon is hitting the upper part of the Philippines so thank heavens its not hitting our mission! The streets here are pretty nicely designed so it doesnt flood here so its really good! But its been super windy too!

So its been fun working in this weather. People give us the funniest looks like why the heck are you guys out its pouring haha! But these people need the gospel so, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Something HILARIOUS happened this week! So we set up an appointment with a family that we've been teaching for a little bit, but this time it was a little different! They invited their minister over! And he starts whipping out all these bible verses on us and is trying to just feed us all this stuff about his church! Were listing and what not haha and then he just tells us how its too bad, how hard we work every day that were a part of this church. He then continues to invite us to become ministers in his church! HAHA we kindly denied and bore our testimonys of this church and then it kinda got awkward. But were all still freinds still!

I feel good about this week! We strengthened a lot of our investigators testimonies! And we got a husband and wife to church this week! The wife was baptized when she was a teenager and then she got married and she hadnt been to church in a while and they went and stayed the whole time! So we were super happy for them! Bobby and his family werent able to come this week so were supper bummed. But we have alot to look forward to this week with our Investigators! Were supper happy! We've been working with a really good refferal but they work on sundays but the Lord will provide a way for them to come to church! We know it! And macmac is getting ready for his baptism soon Aug 13 we hope! Hes got some super good fellowshippers.

But just remember everyone that the SPIRIT is the real teacher! He will confirm truth to you through love, patience, and HOPE! He brings all things to your remembrence and he will comfort you when you do what is right! Fully activate the Spirit in your lives and i know you will be blessed!



no pictures sorry :(

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission