Monday, January 22, 2018

Pics of the Week!!!

We went hunting ;) native bow and arrow we were sold. 

​The Branch Seminary teacher has a hoverboard! 

Service Project with the Sisters! 

We made Dinner! Chopped and cooked the Fish! 

I love my Mission! January 21, 2018

This week we changed things up a little and started the week of with exchanges. Exchanges are where missionaries have 1 day with a different companion. Its for training missionaries and helping investigators. My new companion for the day was Elder Esurim. He is a missionary from the branch right next to ours. Liozon was his 1st area. So he already served here before! So he was able to take me to the people he taught and baptized here! It was an awesome day and i was actually able to meet some new people and talk to members and investigators he worked with while he was serving here. So it was an success. He took me to a whole neighbor hood of members and part members I never even knew about. Im not quite sure how i missed that. But we met an 8 year old named Misy. Her mom hasent been to church in a while and her Dad isnt a member. So later in the week i took brother Mart Manansala. Hes a returned misisonary from Utah! Hes super good at english and Elder Jones there. And we were able to talk to the family and help them feel the spirit. As we were talking to them the moms cousin and the brother joined who are both members also. And they opened up to us about how they feel about the church and we were able to build the relationship with Trust. Before we left, we were able to share a quick message with them about families and how much the gospel can help us in our lives. It went super good and Mart invited them to church. The only bummer the Dad of Misy doesnt work here. And the next time he comes home is in March. But it was a success. The brother went to church that sunday. Misy wanted to go also but her mom wasnt able to go. But they are so nice us and missionaries in general. They are so awesome and humble people!
That's them

The next day even got better with Zone Conference. All of the missionaries in the Zone or aka District(what its called before it becomes a stake) got together for a meeting. We were able to have training and we got to hear from our awesome Mission President. He shared with us the video of our new Buhay na Propeta(Living prophet) talk and his counselors. Wow it was so strong and I felt the spirit so much. Testified to me that they are called of God. And he loves us so much and inspires people today. Im so excited to see what they can get done for the Church!

And also i forgot to share about something that happened the other week. As we were walking to play basketball for exercise, I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings and stepped on the foot of a wild dog. He didn't like that very much and bit me right on the leg. OUCH! I got super mad and started yelling at the dumb thing and attempted to kick it before it ran away. I had to go to Olongapo and get 5 shots. Some of those include rabies shots! So mom don't you worry. Im still having to get shots weekly for it. But wow! haha! The mission nurse said i was the first one to get bit by a dog in her whole time. She's been here for 16 months. So craziness! The bite isnt that big. Its healing good! Ive been able to work every day since. So. Hopefully i have a scar of remembrance. 

This week wrapped up this week with an interview for an investigator in the neighboring branch. His name is Benji! I was able to interview him for baptism. His testimony is just awesome. Im so excited for him to continue to grow his testimony in the church. We've got close playing basketball with him also. So its awesome to see that he is baptized now! 
                                                          Benji's baptism!

The week ended awesome also with the baptism of Julie Angel Dait! She has now been baptized into the church! She is so smart with the gospel and it has been so awesome to see how the gospel has made her so happy! Its been so awesome to see her testimony grow in the church. Felt the spirit so strong as she was baptized by Elder Jones, and to hear her testimony at the baptism is something I will never forget.  She is such an awesome example to her family, friends, and ME! She has not only strengthened her love for the Savior by being baptized into His church but also my love for the Savior also. She is the best! 

Such an awesome week out here in my mission. Im learning so much about my Savior as I countlesley give up my time to strengthen other peoples Faith in Him! Thank you all for the support. Love you 

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Pics of the Week!!!

Tradition of burning something at your year mark!

One year mark!

Got 5 shots.  Two in my butt.  Didn't get out of here for 6 hours.

After I got bit by the dog we took a 2 hour bus ride into Olongapo. We went to the mall and played a round of miniture golf. I kicked Elder Jones butt. Haha.  He told me I could have his schorship. Haha

1 Year!!! 1-14-2018

I cant believe its been 1 year since I stepped into the MTC. Time is going by so fast. Looking back on this last year i have been able to learn so much and increase my love for the Savior every single day. I'm grateful for my mission and hope to have an awesome last year of my mission. 

This week was a good week. We were able to finish Julie Angel's lessons and get her ready for her interview. She passed!  So her baptism will happen this week. So were super excited. She has actually started to invite her freind to sit in on the lessons and this week they both went to church together. So its super exciting. Shes super excited for her baptism. 

Other than that i just want to bear my testimony that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church on the earth. I know that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. And that the Book of Mormon is true. Im also greatful for the living prophets we have on this earth. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

Someone's Pet Monkey

This is a pet of someone in my district mates area. it doesn't do anything. it super rare that someone had a pet monkey. it was cool

Service Project Pics

So we had a service project with our branch where we took down the decorations on the streets with these huge poles with knives and stuff. It was awesome. 

For every baptism we always put together a program. So there's that one! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Pics of the Week! 1-7-2018

Baptism of Chaddy

Me and Elder  Leakehe!  He is the Zone Leader!

District Meeting