Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hey! Im happy to tell you guys about our week here In Lubao! It was a hot one! Ill tell you that! But theres just so much that happened this week! Sorry if its so long xD 

After Pday we were able to go and finish the lessons with Sister Pauline. I remember the first time i met her she was super shy of my companion and I and now she is super open to us and she loves when we teach her. She is so awesome! She passed her interview for baptism also this week! Elder Escobar did it. I remember playing Bball with that stud in the MTC. Love that kid. So the baptism is going to happen this Saturday in the afternoon. πŸ˜€ 

On Tuesday we did Zone Finding! Its where the missionaries in the zone go to one of the areas and go finding ! So that was super fun and we were able to help with the sisters area find some people. Howso this mom and her son we taught didn't accept a return appointment. I dont know what we said..xD We were super nice about it.. I think its just cause we taught a long lesson. But hopefully the sisters end up finding them. This week Zone finding is in our area! So were pumped for the help of the missionaries in our area. Its about 16 missionaries in our zone. But yeah on Tuesday it was late so we couldn't think of any of our investigators to go to.. then my companion had an idea to go to Kim.. A recent convert here. And she lives with her "parents" they arent really her parents she just lives with them.. i don't really know the whole story.. But yeah her "parents" have been struggling to get to church because they have been busy with their work they said.. so we shared the verse in the Book of Mormon that says. Seek ye the kingdom of God before anything else. And we encouraged them to get to church and remember what it says in this scripture! And were not sure if they are sealed into the temple.. So we wanna ask that to them next time to help them get sealed in the temple! That would be so cool! So that led into the next day! Zone Conference!!

On Wedensday we got up early to go to the Drivers License place in Olongapo before Zone Conference. So if you have a license in America you can get a Philippines one. And the mission does it.. But now they dont..idk why. but i was able to get my done. and I was able to pick up my Philippines Drivers License! It is the coolest souvenir! It looks awesome. It has my picture on it. Im scared to take a picture of it tho..could someone use that? lol. ill show it to you guys when i get home πŸ˜ƒ Its awesome ! And about Zone Conference, it was special because it was my first Zone Conference in Olongapo my whole misison! In olongapo 3 zones go at the same time! So i got to reunite with some old mission freinds! It was so awesome to see them! Including Elder Ontoria! He baptized Paulines older brother! But Pauline wasnt living there yet when they taught her older brother! So that was awesome and I got to see Elder Saguire and Elder Furniss! Sure love those guys! Miss them! I love Zone Conference even more for that reason..haha to see missionaries. We also had a special guest! The MTC President in the Philippines was there! President Carlos! So it was good to hear from him and his wife! President Lacanienta is always good to hear from! He shared about the Book of Mormon in Zone Conference. Exactly what i shared about in my workshop in District meeting.. Its like Heavenly Father is trying to say something about how important the Book of Mormon is to us..! Its true! On my mission I've really been able to give time to it and it has helped me a lot as a missionary. Its also helped my investigators gain a testimony of the church. Its a true book! After Zone Conference we headed to the mall to get some Burger King! I know..weird..but It was super good! It tasted like a real burger! We got home super late so we werent able to visit anyone.. Bummer but it lead into some great next days of work! 

On Thursday we were able to meet with our investigators Tony and his grandson Mark! They are super nice and they always give us snacks. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. Tony was an investigator before but his wife told him she would kick him out if he becomes a member of the church. So were trying to close them again and see what happens. Their neighbor was listening to so right after them we taught their neighbor Rico. Hes really interested in prophets and he said a church needs a prophet. We were stoked. My companion and I just looked at each other when he said that and smiled. Hes now reading the Book of Mormon! He didnt come to church yesterday :(( so we were sad. We ended that night teaching the Diwa Family. They are so awesome. We love them so much. The gospel is having effects on that family so much! We can see it. The kids told their dad.. hey its forbidden to wash clothes on Sunday dad that's what the elders said.. So he waited to wash till Monday! So awesome. We haven't really been able to teach the Dad because he has been working in a different province. But he comes home tomorrow so we wanna visit them tomorrow. It should be awesome ! On Saturday morning they went to the Branch Activity. Swimming at a resort! It was so awesome.The branch invited us too! Too bad we couldnt go swimming!! but we ate some foods and snacks before we went out for morning work and taught these brothers. It was good to because they did even more bonding with the members. It feels like they are members now haha. Its awesome. They came to church yesterday again! The members have been super nice in fellowshiping them too! So its good.. We taught about the Temples to them and Family History yesterday night with some members. It went really good. SO yeah they are so awesome. Tatay comes home from work this week so were going to be able to teach him too. So its good. It followed up with a good day on Friday.

On friday we were able to teach some people weve been contacting and becoming freinds with. We were able to teach at this compound.. and there were like 7 or 8 people listening to us. Some of them were former investigators and some of them werent so the lesson 1 about the Restoration went really well. We got some new investigators and placed a book of mormon to one of them. We really want to teach them just with their families or by individual. So we will keep building our trust with them! We invited them all to church but.. i think they were all busy with sutff because none of them came yesterday.. After them we went to Nanay David. She says she has lots of questions and she doesnt feel ready to be baptized. SO we told her we were like..well okay Nay whats your questions and then she would say she doesnt have any right now.. So maybe shes just feeling nervous.. Because last transfer the sisters taught to her.. so ... were trying tho.. Shes the mom of some recent converts here. Soo we will keep visiting her tho. Shes awesome.but i dont get her sometimes..#keepupthefaith ,our other investigators by them werent there like this whole week.. ughh so we were super bummed. we couldnt teach Mauro this whole week. So we dont know how he is doing..or what he is doing.. ugh.. but we will keep up the faith. 

So yeah on Sunday we werent able to get any new ones with us to church. But Pauline and The Diwa's were there. We really tried with the others  but they didnt come through. That was one of our goals this week to invite to church.. We did it but sometimes goals fall short. Thats really how it is sometimes when you are a missionary. Cant control others agency. 

YEah this email is so long because there is alot to say you know.We are always doing stuff so its fun! I made some adobo last night that was super good. You can call me Chef Breinholt.. Ima leave yall with some pics tho! Love you guys!  Have an awesome week! 

Elder Ontoria and I (photobommed by Sister Lacanienta

The first turtle i saw my whole mission! A cat was playing with it! 

Happy Mothers Day! and Skype call! 5-13-2018

Well that was awesome to get to be able to talk to my family again on skype! And it was even better to call on my birthday! An awesome birthday present ! and Happy Mothers day Mom! I sure love you!

Well it was another good week of work with my companion and I ! We should have some baptisms coming up! But yeah! Love you guys! Sorry short email! I was busy with the skyping! Love you tho guys!

Elder Breinholt

The time I almost stepped on a PYTHON! 5-6-2018

The Python I almost stepped on!!!

Elder Rigby and i were getting done teaching the Diwa Family on sunday night! They are so awesome. I love them so much.. They accepeted to get baptized on June 16! Sister Jullie(the mom) was telling us how she has been praying every day to Heavenly Father wether she should be part of our church.. And when we gave her the baptismal invitation she said that this was the answer to her prayers.! Its so awesome.. We love them! After we were done teaching were walking back home and look what i almost stepped on! Crazy! A python! The thing was so long! Were super lucky we didnt step on it! Our housemate was sad that we didnt catch it because he wanted to make it ulam(food you eat with rice) haha.

Pauline came to church again with the fam.. Things are looking bright for that young girl! She gonna get dunked on May 26! Its going to be good. we just got done teaching WOW with them.. And we extended another baptismal date to her uncle! He has been listening to us and the lessons.. So were trying to work him out for June! He didnt go to church with everyone last week.. he was the only one left a the house.. we dont know what happened.. :/ but we will keep our hopes up!

Were still teaching the guy who told us to teach him in the street that one time.. We taught him the WOW so hopefully he can work it out.. we need to try to get close to his family too.. becasue its not really working right now.. he didnt go to church again this week.. but he went with the sisters all the time he said.. maybe he just likes the sisters ;) hehe. we got this tho..

As for other things we finally met our BML! he taught the gospel principles class to our investigators.. he went on a mission to Cebu! Hes cool. Their family is super nice also!

But yeah! Its super hot right now ! we will endure tho! We can do this! Thanks for the support !

FAM!! Cant wait to talk to you guys next week! Looks like I get to call on my birthday too! So thats going to be an awesome birthday present! Well see ya guys next week on video call!

Our district! It composes of me and my companion and our Zone Leaders! Elder Breinholt,Elder Rigby,Elder Escobar(top left) Elder Abala(top right) 
Kim and I (my companion in the MTC convert) Elder Yingling

GO JAZZ! #BeatHouston saw this kid in the street! had to take a pic!

Lunch with the District Presidents family! They gave us take out! #blessings 

thanks love Elder Breinholt

From Celestial Kingdom to Telestial Kingdom 4-29-2018

First things first.. Congrats to my favorite brother for graduating BYU! Way to go Connor! Way to work hard ! Stud! Fam is looking good too! 

Well we kicked the week of with some awesome work! Teaching and visiting our beloved investigators.. Tuesday came around with the transfer news.. and it said i was staying in Infanta!! I was so hyped! I love it here.. As the night went by around 8pm i get a call from President saying he switched it because my housemate was complaining because he didn't want to get transferred.. So he made me take his spot xD I was so pissed.!! Im still pretty ticked about it.. We had so much success there and now that elder gets it all.. Hey but whatever.. Im stuck here now in this place.. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Its called Lubao Pampanga.. Its a different province and a different language!! but everyone speaks tagalog still.. So now im one of the few missionaries in the mission who gets to go to all 4 provinces.. so thats pretty cool! MY comp is Elder Rigby from Idaho..Hes 18 months in the misison.. So we a power house out here :p Were opening the area also.. Im still the District Leader.. We live with the Zone Leaders too! Love those guys.. They are fun to be with.. Our area is in the middle of the mission.. 

The miracles really happened here for me and my new companion in this new area.. We got some names from the area book and went to go find them.. Literally people just called us from off the streets and told us to talk to them.. One of them being Mauro.. He was taught by the sisters here and had a baptismal date for this may.. He literally came up to us in the street holding his book of mormon and told him to teach us. Hes a stud. We were able to teach his sister too.. But Mauro has some Word of Wisdom problems hes gotta get over.. But he can do this!! 

Awesome stuff is happening.. We were trying to find these former investigators of the sisters and this dude asks us if we are mormons.. We said yeah!! He said well then give me something of yours to read.. Me and my comp just looked at each other and smiled haha. We ended up setting a return appointment with the guy but we forgot to go to it.. SO oopps haha.

On friday we just decided to walk our area.. so we could get to know it better.. Ya know we just walking and stuff and this guy says elders.. we stopped and talked to him.. apparently the elders always went there and taught their family all the time.. and there were some that got baptized.. But tatay didnt ever get baptized.. so we talked to them and apparently they go to church in a different branch but they live in our area.. so we taught them all the restoration and we taught tatay and Pauline. THey are the investigators and all of the other ones are members.. so they were awesome when we taught and they added their testimonies about the restoration.. and guess what!! This sunday they went to church in our area!! So legitttttttttttttttttttt! The Galfo Family..

So even tho me and my companion are new to the are we are still getting stuff done and the blessings are really real! Im trying to do my best not to want to go back to my last area haha... its been hard.. i get pretty sad sometimes but im trying to stay busy to not think about it.. but i never got close to any more people than that on my whole mission.. I miss them a ton.. I love them so much.. I hope one day i can see them again.

Ill still do my best to work hard in my new area tho..
                        Tario the man !

Baiiiiiii sister Marylene :'((

             Bye elna,lyra.and baby jane

ELder Rigby and Elder Breinholt In Lubao 

Maruo and Jessica
Galfo Family
Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

More pics of the Week

Basketball on Pday with Young Men from Sta Cruz Branch

Sister Ej and Christine. Their 1st ever going to church.
The baptism in Guisguis

Infanta !!! 4-23-2018

This week was a fun week ! We were able to stay super busy this last week of the Transfer! We started it out with teaching the Valentino Family and Muircha Family. So they are cousins and their moms were baptized when they were 15.. And now its cool because their kids are getting taught by us at this age.. So its awesome! They accepted the Baptismal Invitation and will be getting ready for May. This week we also taught them LOC.. And it looks like Nanay inst going to be able to get married to her husband .. Because apparently there is no divorcement here in the Philippines. And Nanay is married to someone before.. SO that was probably the saddest lesson ive ever had in my mission.. It breaks my heart. So the kids can get baptized tho.. We also had exchanges and Elder Jones one of my last companions was able to get to know them. So that was fun for them! But now.. The kids know where they need to get married! The temple for FOREVER! I love this picture my Dad took of a temple in Mexico on his work trip this week..

​That's what its about!

This is the week for Daniel! He should have his interview this week! And get baptized pretty soon. Precious loved her 5 day overnighter in Manila! They had tons of fun and learned alot they said. She really wants a copy of D&C now.. Elna and Lyra her neighbors went too.. They brought my camera and took over 400 pictures! They loved it too!! It was so good for their testimony.. SO about their family.. Their little sister Baby Jane committed to baptism ! This week marks her 2nd time at church! And about the parents.. They have partners before and that they were married too.. So it doesnt look like they can get married.! Where is the Forever here in the Philippines i swear.. I honestly dont get it..But the mom is taking the lessons now!! The dad is really not interested in listening to the gospel.. But he always makes sure they have money to get to church! SO thanks Tay.. :)

Another story about the same thing..marriage.. Sister Lorna.. We were able to teach her this week!!! I met her here my first Sunday with her husband at church.! The problem is that they arent married.. They were supposed to get married a long time ago but.. they got into a little dis agreement.. So the marriage never happened. They can get married because they dont have any one before.. Theyve been together for 23 years now.. They shouldve have done it in Feburary but the elders here didnt make it workπŸ˜‘ because it was free with the goverment.. they goverement does a free day for people to get married.. and it didnt go through with it.. So..yeah its kind of just magulo(hectic) right now.. But i contacted the mission president about it.. and he is helpingg.. thats why theres a lot of kids getting baptized here in the Philippines.. because this is the problem! Only some people are married ! 

Sunday was another awesome turn out at church! For two weeks in a row we have had 14 investigators at sacrament ! πŸ€˜ Our investigators bring their freinds too! So its been making for a big turnout.. We take so many seats up at Sacrament. It was awesome!

Waitt......1 more storyy....about the same problem LOC xD Weve been continuing to bike over the mountain(well its a hill but i like to exagorate,because im always dying every time we go over it) to go to Nambalan.. Thats what the area is called and boom.. So we went into the house to teach the kids and then theres this boy(John Carl) who is in the house too.. So were like..okay make sure you listen too.. We taught the whole L1 and they loved it and understood it.. Mae ann acpeted for Baptism ! Melony her little sister is super mahiya(embaressed ) she always hides her face with her hair.. but we bonded with themm..after the lesson they needed to get water for cooking and washing clothes... no they dont have a faucet or hose to get water.. they have to go to the river!! and bring buckets to fill up so they have water.. So we walked over and there and tried helping them but all the water was dried up! As of right now i dont know what they ended up having to do.. They are okay tho. Their older brother was there to help.. so about John Carl.. hes 11 and his dad is so active ! we were able to go after church to their house and teach them..His older brother Joseph is a member !(14) and just went on FSY too.. Their dad was baptized in 1991.. And is still very strong in the church! Him and his wife right now tho arent married.. I honestly dont know the whole situation.. the wife doesnt really like talking to us :/// But John Carl has a date with his neighbor Mae Ann for May too! SO it was such a blessing! yeah so the Dad has never been able to get sealed in the temple... and he hasnet been endowed yet.. Its so complicated.. Apparently you can get an Annolment.. but it takes so long to get and its super expensive.. and no one has money for it.. So the marrige is a big concern right now for us.. The Lord has a plan for these investigators and members tho! 

This week also on exchanges me and the YING did exchanges for the second time! We worked in their area Guisguis! We were able to do some good up there! I interviewed two of their investigators for baptism! They were baptized in the River on saturday! it was so cool! they did an awesome job! And had dinner with some awesome members! Shout out to Chris and Ann for working with us!

So We will know later tonight if anyone will get transfered ! 
THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Got to email on Tuesday for the first time in my mission because the internet went out and the electricity ! so funn stuff. everyone was going crazy.. But its back now.so thats good.Love you guys!
The babes are coming up on 16 months now! They are so cute!!  

Elder Breinholt

Monday, April 16, 2018

Letter for Week Ending April 15,2018 to the Loved Ones

I was able to teach the guy who owns the computershop the Restoration last Pday.. Elder Yingling grabbed a pic! Thanks Yingling! 

Sta. Cruz and Iba Zone Conference April 4, 2018

Dear Family and Friends! The work has been going good heading into this last full week of the transfer! We were able to get it going with Zone Conference. President Lacanienta is wanting to have the mission goal for 5 baptisms every month! So its going to push us! Were all super motivated to do this! Its going to be great! Also got your package mom! Thankk youuu πŸ˜˜ Love you. . Got to see all my zone/district mates in my last area again. Love seeing those guys. We didn't get home till late late because it took foreverrrr to get there and back. First we had a member take us on a trike to Sta. Cruz.. Then we got on a 2 hour bus ride to Iba..We got to stop at McDonald's..so that was awesome.. Where we are at only has 1 fast food place.. So that was super refreshing... When we got home there wasnt any buses that were going to our area.. so we got ripped off by some trike drivers! But i guess thats really how it is when we don't have cars! Pero okay lang πŸ˜‚ masaya pa rin..

We got refreshed on the Books of Mormon and went to work the rest of the week. We did some exchanges with our house mates. I was able to get 3 of their investigators interviewed for baptism too! So shout out to those guys. The baptism turned out good except when it was supposed to get started there wasn't any water in the font... The Presidency wasn't communicating too well.. But its okay we only started an hour late.. Filipino time πŸ˜†  It went super awesome. I was even able to be a speaker for the Baptism. 

This week our area was able to add to the Baptismal Dates! Yayyy! So it was super awesome. They are all neighbors of Elders Jones baptism.. 1 of them is also the little sister of them.. the other live close by.. and were all still working on Daniel to help him with the Word of Wisdom.. Yesterday was his 5th time going to Church! So he is killing it. Daniel is Precious' little brother. And were still trying to do our part teaching the parents.. they love letting their kids get taught.. but when it comes to them they are a little more shy.. but were getting there.. All of their kids went to church together.. they were so manyyy.. so as the kids are setting good examples to the parents.. we know they will soften their heart too! In May were hoping they will be ready to be baptized! Helps too with the fellowship of the recent converts there.. 

As for that were lucky to be visiting another part member family.. The Nona Family..they live up and over a big mountain.. so whenever were biking to their house and we have to go over the mountain were dyingg.. it doesnt help that my bike doesnt switch gears.. its been like that ever since i got here..πŸ™„ but were making it workk.. seympre! Their dad isn't a member but all of the kids and mom have slowly been getting baptized over the years.. and it turns out that the two youngest ones 13 and 10 haven't been baptized. So we've been teaching them and the 13 year old just went to church for the first time with her older sister and their neighbor. They are a family of 10 kids! Marami(many).. So were hoping that we can help them be ready for May baptism. 

The Branch also killed it this Sunday.. Two different member families brought 2 people each that aren't members of the church!.. So we were able to introduce ourselves to them and we taught 2 of them in the gospel principles class.. the other 2 girls went to Primary. So shout out for their awesome Missionary work! Hopefully this week we can get a lesson with them.. 2 of them live super super far away..Im not actually sure if its part of our area.. I think its in the next mission. Were going to ask President tho or our Zone Leaders whats up if we can go there.. As you were reading that maybe someone sparked into your head who you could invite to church.. that hasn't been going or isnt a member yet.. Write it down and give a em text πŸ˜Š Ive been super impressed with the members in our area with that.. Someone is always bringing investigators! It makes our job easier ! πŸ˜Œ I love what I studied this week in True to the Faith about Missionary work..  The Lord has declared that missionary work is the responsibility of all Latter-day Saints (see D&C 88:81
So true that! Its all of our responsibility as members of the church! πŸ™‚ I love how it says to there in True to the Faith.. that the best way to share the gospel is through our example...and I testify to that.. I've defiantly seen it too in missionary work as a District Leader.. 

But yeah its super hot again right now! But were still pressing forward out here in the Lords work! In the good words of Leakehe "Tiis lang" 

Have a good week and CTR! Love you guys!

Elder Breinholt

I lent my camera to Precious and them for their 5 day church trip.. but i have some pics from earlier! We went on a hike to some caves! So super fun! We did it as a zone activity too! 
Sta.Cruz Zone activity! April 16,2018