Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pics of the WEEK!!! Elder Nelson's Last week:(

Elder Breinholt and the Philippines! August 13, 2017

Well! It was an eventful week! The members here are just so great in the Philippines! We worked a lot with them this week! 

The work of the Lord never stops! It was a great time working with the members of this ward! They are so so so nice to us here and I'm super grateful i get to work with such awesome people! They showed their support to us missionaries like crazy this week with my companion Elder Nelson and my kabahay Elder Zamora going home this week by feeding us every single night! They are so nice to us! We appreciate it a ton! 

This week we were able to help Bishop build his house some more and its coming along great! We also had some really awesome FHE's and had some great spiritual messages born! We were able to help our investigators come unto Christ and we cant wait to see what happens this week! We have some new ones to teach and some ones that are progressing great! 

We just need all of our investigators to read the Book of Mormon! It truly is so important that we all read the Book of Mormon! Thomas S. Monson the living prophet has told us all the if we are not reading the Book of Mormon every day to please do so! That is our literal revelation from the living prophet! So lets get going! What are we waiting for! Everyone bust out your Book of Mormons and get reading! By reading it you will know for yourself that it is the word of God and that it literally was translated from gold plates! Its so true and we just hope we can be the instruments in Gods hands to help this read this precious book so that they can know it is true so they can be baptized into the church that has the keys and authority from Jesus Christ! I know this church is true and we have a heavy burden do share this gospel! 

Some of the investigators this week who told us they were going to church this week didn't come, so we were super bummed because it was Elder Nelsons last Sunday. But all we can do is invite and they have their agency! Im so grateful Heavenly Father loves us enough and he gave us the opportunity to choose. I guess right now i'm just really grateful for everything so sorry. but its good! The Church is just so true! Everyone we need to go share it with everyone! 

The Lord is guiding us to those who we need to teach, so I'm not too worried this week. Everyone have an awesome week and remember that you're awesome! Have a good week! 


Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Pics of the WEEK!!!

Bird Sanctuary

Families are Forever! August 6, 2017

Hello po! 

The storms have let up as of right now so we are grateful! I'm actually grateful for the heat as of right now! 

But this week was great! 

On monday i went to Olongapo and got my Pilippino Drivers License! Elder Breinholt is now certified to drive in the Philippines! I wont be driving soon but one day hopefully I'll get the chance to drive here! That would be awesome haha! 

So this week we followed up with Lordes and her family! She was baptized when she was 13 and became less active as the years went bye and she was married and what not! But we have been teaching her again! So this week we took some members over to her house and we had such an awesome lesson! We talked about eternal families and the reality of the Church! And one of the members we were working with grabbed a picture of the family and testified that this Church has the power to seal her family and that she can know that she can see her family on the other side. And it was so powerful! We all felt the spirit really strong! That Sunday she went to church with one of her daughters! And she saw some people that were baptized around the same time she was! We were so ecstatic! it was so awesome! 

We also followed up with the family that came to church 2 weeks ago and showed the Joseph Smith video to them and invited them to be baptized by someone who holds the authority of God. They said yes, but they're not sure. So we will follow up with them this week! 

Other than that! We've been working with a family, and the mom use to listen to us but she has been very busy so we have been teaching the 12 year old boy. We were going to baptize him this Saturday but we ran into some problems. So we have to wait a little. But he came to church! He has some decent fellow-shippers and the Young Men's President is going to talk to him! So were praying for that family! 

The Church is true! I'm super grateful for this opportunity i have right now! It is so fun spreading the Gospel! It makes us so happy! Lets go spread it! 

I ate some pig skin chips this week! They're super popular here and they're growing on me! Other than that, the food is so good here! And this week we set up an appointment with members and investigators to say goodbye to my companion! So its going to be an awesome week! 


Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission



It's been raining like crazy here in Cupang! A typhoon is hitting the upper part of the Philippines so thank heavens its not hitting our mission! The streets here are pretty nicely designed so it doesnt flood here so its really good! But its been super windy too!

So its been fun working in this weather. People give us the funniest looks like why the heck are you guys out its pouring haha! But these people need the gospel so, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Something HILARIOUS happened this week! So we set up an appointment with a family that we've been teaching for a little bit, but this time it was a little different! They invited their minister over! And he starts whipping out all these bible verses on us and is trying to just feed us all this stuff about his church! Were listing and what not haha and then he just tells us how its too bad, how hard we work every day that were a part of this church. He then continues to invite us to become ministers in his church! HAHA we kindly denied and bore our testimonys of this church and then it kinda got awkward. But were all still freinds still!

I feel good about this week! We strengthened a lot of our investigators testimonies! And we got a husband and wife to church this week! The wife was baptized when she was a teenager and then she got married and she hadnt been to church in a while and they went and stayed the whole time! So we were super happy for them! Bobby and his family werent able to come this week so were supper bummed. But we have alot to look forward to this week with our Investigators! Were supper happy! We've been working with a really good refferal but they work on sundays but the Lord will provide a way for them to come to church! We know it! And macmac is getting ready for his baptism soon Aug 13 we hope! Hes got some super good fellowshippers.

But just remember everyone that the SPIRIT is the real teacher! He will confirm truth to you through love, patience, and HOPE! He brings all things to your remembrence and he will comfort you when you do what is right! Fully activate the Spirit in your lives and i know you will be blessed!



no pictures sorry :(

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Pics of the Week

Broken Umbrella. HAHA

We made a shirt! Cupunks

Hey its Elder Breinholt! July 23, 2017

What a fun week! 

Highlight of the week! We taught a guy named Bobby! And we were teaching him for the second time and every other sentance he would ask a question. So we answered all his questions and helped him with his concerns! He then told us that he would be coming with his whole family to church on Sunday! And he followed through! Brother Bobby, his wife, and his 3 kids all went to church! So it was an awesome blessing that the Lord gave us! And we were super happy for him and his family! 

Jesus taught that baptism by proper authority was required to enter into heaven. Jesus Christ was baptized. And now, if the Lamb of God, he being holy, should have need to be baptized by water, to fulfil all righteousness, O then, how much more need have we, being unholy, to be baptized, yea, even by water! 
It is so important for everyone to be baptized and follow the example of the Savior! And of course we cant get baptized every week! But, thats why we have the Sacrament! We can cleanse our selves every week by partaking of the Sacrament worthily. 

But we've been trying to keep that thought in our minds this week, so that we can find these people that need to be baptized! So they're coming we hope! 

I didnt eat anything to crazy this week! Just normal rice with like chicken or pork and vegetables! So nothing too crazy this week! 

PICTURES! On pday we went to MT SAMOT! A huge cross on top of the hill that looks over the whole city! Its 50 stories high! Its way cool! And then some military was there so we got a cool pic! It was a good time.