Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pics of the Week

 Public Transportation. Trycicle 

Pizza with plastic cheese. We were so pumped we found a pizza place. 


Hey Family and Friends!

This week started off good with a Family Home Evening at the Diat Family where we shared a spiritual insight about the Priesthood and  ate tons of Spaghetti. They cooked some super awesome tasty Spaghetti for us. So maraming salamat sa kanilla.

On Tuesday we had an awesome finding opportunity. So Elder Jones had a place he wanted to go finding. So we decided to check it out. We started to Tao'po and knock on the doors. The first house, nothing no one there, the second house gave us a wave and so no thank you, we finally came to a street with some people standing on it. When i saw them I told Elder Jones. That's who we need to talk to. But we didn't go at first, we knocked on some more houses and got denied. And then we decided alright lets go talk to them. As we started to introduce ourselves we got to know them. So it was a 20 year old kid and his grandma sitting outside. So we start introducing ourselves and the 20 year kid just talks english to us. We were so shocked haha it was so funny. And to find out he was very familiar to the church. He had been taught like all the lessons before in Baguio(not in our mission). SO we asked him if it was alright to go inside and talk to him. He agreed and we ended up sharing the Restoration again with him. He was answering like all of our questions and knew like everything about it. So me and Elder Jones are just looking at him like whatttttt. So we just were thinking we have to give this guy a baptismal date. But as we were finishing the lesson he opened up to us about how he is in the choir for the Catholic Church and how he just doesnt think he can go to our church. So we told him to pray about and to see what God tells him. So hes super cool. His name is John Ray. So i mean we backed off on the baptismal date. But hes super sick.

But speaking of Baptismal Dates. We set some with some of our investigators this week! One of them is Julie Angel.. She is a part member. Her brother helps us teach her too. Her brother was baptized a couple years ago but didnt really go to church after he was baptized. and then his mom is a super less active. But the dad,honestly i forgot. But weve been teaching Julie Angel because she hasnt been to Mormons yet so were helping her know whats up. She accepted a baptismal date for Jan20. So hopefully we can like reactivate the whole family as she investigates the church. So we will pray for them! 

Yeah and then the others are our homies who went to church last week. Well one of them went last week. Si Niel and Leo. We set them up for Jan too. But their Dad gets home from his Job in Manilla this next week. So were going to have to make sure it is okay with him. And hopefully we can teach them., Because they are an investigator family. But the mom doesnt want us to teach her because the Dad doesnt want too. So hopefully when the dad comes home we can help them know of the truth. So hopefully the tatay is all chill with us. So its honeslty just a work in progress with them because they are shy too but theyre like our homies. Its hard to explain. 

But other than that! We had a sweet opprotunity to teach our recent converts dad! He was telling us how much his head hurts and stuff. So we opened it up to teaching him about Preisthood Blessings and then that opened the door for us to share about the Restoration. So we shared and it went good. The only problem is he cant read because his eyes cant see the words clear. But I think he has some glasses so it shouldnt be a good excuse. So yeah and we got to teach some of his kids too the other sisters in the family. So it was a huge score and a huge answer to our prayers. 

We also finally got to teach some of these people we have been contacting for a while about the Restoration. So it went super good. They are a family who were answering all of our questions and seemed super excited about the Book of Mormon to read it and what not. So we will see what happens. So it was super awesome to teach them. 

Also this returned missionary has been bringing his little step brother to church for like the past month. And hes not baptized. So the thing with him is like hes super hyper. So we can never talk to him and when we do he runs from us. Hes like 12. But this sunday it was different. He actually let us talk to him and we taught him the first lesson. And hes pretty receptive. So Im thinking hes reading to be baptized pretty soon. So wish us luck. I still dont know who his parents are either. So we will see what we can do. 

So i mean. Lots of good teaching this week and helping investigators come unto Christ. We did some good stuff this week. We also had our Mission President interview this week! So that always helps us feel the atonement and he helps us a ton! So props to him. 

So yeah! This week is the last week of the transfer! I cant believe how quick its been! So we'll see what happens see if me or Elder Jones gets transferred. But until that. STAY STRONG all of you and do what is right. Heavenly Father will help us as we follow the Spirit in our lives. 

Also all you Utah people! ENJOY that snow! i miss that stuff! 

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

More pics of the Week!!!

Pics of the Week

Our Christmas packages!!!YAY!!!

The tree in the background my mom made.  I haven't decorated it yet.

Baptism of Revelyn and Alexia

Lighting the World in the Philippines 12-3-2017

I title this email that because malapit na ang Pasko and the initiative the church is doing right now! The Light the World.

We've been handing out pass along cards with the Light the World on it and been inviting people to 

Its truly amazing how we can help someone in someway everyday as Christmas gets close! Let us all take this challenge and have fun with it! 

Elder Jones and I decided to Light the World by helping this super old lady and her daughter to pick theirs weeds. We were on our way to an investigator when we saw them struggling to pick their weeds. We ended up helping them finish picking their weeds and were able to share to them about the Light the World. It was super awesome and I felt so happy as i spread the Love of Christ and as we invited them to visit to find out more. 

The baptism went through with Revelyn and Alexia! We helped them review this week for their interivew with Elder Yingling and they did great! I was able to baptize Alexia and stand in for both of their confirmations. So it was super awesome to finally see them as official members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Their so awesome. 

It was also good to see our new stud investigator at church si Niel. The 16 beast went to church by himself without his best freind who is a member. So yeah thats what were working with right now. So wish me luck with spreading the Christmas Cheer.

 I love you all and Merry Christmas! 

More Pics of the Week

Pics of the Week

Our Thanksgiving dinner!! 

Me and the YING ^