Monday, March 12, 2018

Pics of the Week!!!

Baptism of Cary Villas

Last district picture! Good luck Sister Chavez in Canada! We will miss you!! 

​Baptism of our district mates! Elder Miller the Senior couple did the baptism! 

Baptism of Cary March 11, 2018

Hello Family and Friends! Well I ended off this transfer with the Baptism of Cary Villas. She is a part member who i found on exchanges a while ago. Her sister is very active in the church and attends seminary. So she has great fellowship. I'm very grateful that i was a part of her conversion. I hope one day she will go on a mission also! This week she passed her interview and was confirmed as a member! 
Other than that, we continued to work hard for this last week of the transfer. This next week is transfer week! So bawal ang trunky! Work pa rin hah! This week we were able to meet some new investigators. For all of you that know Victory Liner. We taught a bus driver this week! Him and his wife were super welcoming to us and their house is right across the street from the church! So it works great. We hope they will progress! We really saw the Lord helping us this week to fulfill our purpose. Were having a hard time teaching this couple investigators. Cause they cant really hear.. they are kind of deaf.. so we really have to be loud when we teach. They are so awesome tho! Right now they are getting visited by their pastors in their born again church. But they are accepting us. Tatay opened up a concern with us about how he believes in a life to come but he doesn't hear anything in his church about that. So we testified about the life to come and that our church fully believes in it. And then we gave him the baptismal invitation. He said he had already been baptized... but we then reviewed the Joseph Smith story and he understood and accepeted to be baptized! So its awesome to see how he is understanding the gospel! Hopefully next time we can teach him the Lesson 2! It will be perfect! Hes such a humble nice person and is so nice to us. I love the guy. Hes in his 60's i think

As for other things. We had District Conference this week! So i was able to see some of my friends from my last area! So it was good to see them and catch up with all them! They are awesome! 

So yeah things continue to come and go! I cant believe its March! Ive been here in the Philippines for a year and a little! So fun! Thanks for everything!

Elder Breinholt

Pics of the week

Star Apple

​The Cupang boys at Zone Conference. Elder Leakehes Last zone con!!

​The mission nurse is going home :( The Rollins. Im gonna miss them
Took a trip to Chaddy's families Beach resort! hwag ka magalala President Lacanienta wala po naligo

Chef Breinholt making some Adobo. 

Cary climbing a tree to get us some fruit​

Zone Conference March 4,2018

Magandang Umaga po! This week was a good week for me in Liozon. We helped Cary prepare for her baptismal interview, but she didn't pass! She was scared of our Zone Leader i think. But their going to do the interview again this week so we can have the baptism on Friday! On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. It was much needed to hear the encouraging words of our Mission President and the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders workshops were super fun! We ate some good food and i got to catch up with my last companion Elder Jones. So it was super fun! We taught Julie Angel about the My family history stuff and baptisms for the dead! So she's going to get an interview with the branch president so she can get a temple recommend. I don't know how its going to work tho because the temple is closed... :/  But we taught a best friend of our recent convert and she now has a date of march. But when we went to follow her to come to church she had just gotten out of bed.. :( so she didn't come with us to church. So it was a bummer. We had some return appointments to teach some new investigators but they just didn't really want to get taught. They just told us to come back and then when we went back nothing. it was super confusing. I didn't quite understand.But little by little i hope this one family listens to us. SO yeah that was about it!! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pics of the Week

Baptism for Quenilyn

Lunch with Chaddy! Hes the man! We ate Lumpia. His moms favorite 
So this is our house in this area. its pretty big for just me and my comp! it has like 4 different rooms. so yeah! 
our investigators have a home made gym they let us use this morning! how fun! 

Good Afternoon! February 25, 2018

Good Afternoon! 

This week we had the Baptism for Quenilyn! It went super good and her friends that are our investigators went also! Julie Angel gave a talk about Faith and Repentance and it was so good! And then Mart gave a talk about baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end! So it was a success!
This week started good with a Zone Activity at the Beach! We had a testimony meeting and were able to play games! We've been reteaching Julie Angel and her testimony is so strong. Her talk was so good at the baptism and shes a good friend. We continuted to teach Cary and prepare her for her baptism. We were scared she wouldnt be able to make it to church this week because her grandma who always goes with her to church is in the hospital. But we shared to her about faith and how she needs to trust in God and go to church. Her and her sister walked all the way to church. The church is in the next town over but they still went! So it was awesome. Her Dad is having problems with the Word of Wisdom so were trying to help him with all we can. We werent able to get another lesson with Steven this week. So that was super sad. But maybe this next week we will get a hold of him. Not much else is coming to my head about anything that happened this week. SO see ya guys next week! 

​Lunch with Chaddy! Hes the man! We ate Lumpia. His moms favorite
Elder Breinholt

Pics of the Week

Beach PIC

McDonalds for lunch! They have Rice on their menu! Its actually super good! 
Me with a Jeepney
Julie Angel, Qunilyn, and Sabrina May

18th Birthday Party ni Revelyn! 

Selfie with Cary at Church