Monday, April 16, 2018

Letter for Week Ending April 15,2018 to the Loved Ones

I was able to teach the guy who owns the computershop the Restoration last Pday.. Elder Yingling grabbed a pic! Thanks Yingling! 

Sta. Cruz and Iba Zone Conference April 4, 2018

Dear Family and Friends! The work has been going good heading into this last full week of the transfer! We were able to get it going with Zone Conference. President Lacanienta is wanting to have the mission goal for 5 baptisms every month! So its going to push us! Were all super motivated to do this! Its going to be great! Also got your package mom! Thankk youuu 😘 Love you. . Got to see all my zone/district mates in my last area again. Love seeing those guys. We didn't get home till late late because it took foreverrrr to get there and back. First we had a member take us on a trike to Sta. Cruz.. Then we got on a 2 hour bus ride to Iba..We got to stop at McDonald' that was awesome.. Where we are at only has 1 fast food place.. So that was super refreshing... When we got home there wasnt any buses that were going to our area.. so we got ripped off by some trike drivers! But i guess thats really how it is when we don't have cars! Pero okay lang 😂 masaya pa rin..

We got refreshed on the Books of Mormon and went to work the rest of the week. We did some exchanges with our house mates. I was able to get 3 of their investigators interviewed for baptism too! So shout out to those guys. The baptism turned out good except when it was supposed to get started there wasn't any water in the font... The Presidency wasn't communicating too well.. But its okay we only started an hour late.. Filipino time 😆  It went super awesome. I was even able to be a speaker for the Baptism. 

This week our area was able to add to the Baptismal Dates! Yayyy! So it was super awesome. They are all neighbors of Elders Jones baptism.. 1 of them is also the little sister of them.. the other live close by.. and were all still working on Daniel to help him with the Word of Wisdom.. Yesterday was his 5th time going to Church! So he is killing it. Daniel is Precious' little brother. And were still trying to do our part teaching the parents.. they love letting their kids get taught.. but when it comes to them they are a little more shy.. but were getting there.. All of their kids went to church together.. they were so manyyy.. so as the kids are setting good examples to the parents.. we know they will soften their heart too! In May were hoping they will be ready to be baptized! Helps too with the fellowship of the recent converts there.. 

As for that were lucky to be visiting another part member family.. The Nona Family..they live up and over a big mountain.. so whenever were biking to their house and we have to go over the mountain were dyingg.. it doesnt help that my bike doesnt switch gears.. its been like that ever since i got here..🙄 but were making it workk.. seympre! Their dad isn't a member but all of the kids and mom have slowly been getting baptized over the years.. and it turns out that the two youngest ones 13 and 10 haven't been baptized. So we've been teaching them and the 13 year old just went to church for the first time with her older sister and their neighbor. They are a family of 10 kids! Marami(many).. So were hoping that we can help them be ready for May baptism. 

The Branch also killed it this Sunday.. Two different member families brought 2 people each that aren't members of the church!.. So we were able to introduce ourselves to them and we taught 2 of them in the gospel principles class.. the other 2 girls went to Primary. So shout out for their awesome Missionary work! Hopefully this week we can get a lesson with them.. 2 of them live super super far away..Im not actually sure if its part of our area.. I think its in the next mission. Were going to ask President tho or our Zone Leaders whats up if we can go there.. As you were reading that maybe someone sparked into your head who you could invite to church.. that hasn't been going or isnt a member yet.. Write it down and give a em text 😊 Ive been super impressed with the members in our area with that.. Someone is always bringing investigators! It makes our job easier ! 😌 I love what I studied this week in True to the Faith about Missionary work..  The Lord has declared that missionary work is the responsibility of all Latter-day Saints (see D&C 88:81
So true that! Its all of our responsibility as members of the church! 🙂 I love how it says to there in True to the Faith.. that the best way to share the gospel is through our example...and I testify to that.. I've defiantly seen it too in missionary work as a District Leader.. 

But yeah its super hot again right now! But were still pressing forward out here in the Lords work! In the good words of Leakehe "Tiis lang" 

Have a good week and CTR! Love you guys!

Elder Breinholt

I lent my camera to Precious and them for their 5 day church trip.. but i have some pics from earlier! We went on a hike to some caves! So super fun! We did it as a zone activity too! 
Sta.Cruz Zone activity! April 16,2018

Happy General Conference! 4-15-2018

Hey! Good Morning! 

This week we made sure Precious was ready for her baptism! The Zone Leaders interviewed her and she passed! And she didnt have any concerns! She was baptized on April 6,2018! It was a good day!
She is super stoked that she is baptized! And she should be able to go on the youth trip that the branch has.. So its going to be awesome! 

This weekend we were able to watch General Conference! I was so impressed when i was watching the opening song of the Priesthood Session of how Heavenly Father must be so proud of all the men who hold his Holy Priesthood. I just felt an overwhelming love from my Heavenly Father that is hard to explain of how happy he is in me that I hold his Priesthood. It is something i will never forget. We watched General Conference in English. There was a Tagalog option they said. But i didn't know about it. So all of our investigators watched it in English. It went good tho. All of our investigators had a good time and they want to go back next sunday again. 😀 So good stuff. Im super excited to see how the changes will help the members of the Church! Im super excited to see what happens! 

Also President Nelson announced another Temple to be built in the Philippines. So how exciting to see the work of the Lord progressing in this land. So exciting!

Other than that.. We have this super progressing area right now. And thats where we have been going and teaching like every day. Like everyone just loves us there and we have seen so much progress there. So its been going really good. 

So I hope you guys all had a good week! And enjoyed conference too! Love you guys! 

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Pics of the Week!!!

Climbing the Ladder of Eternal Life! Haha

Me and the Daniel! 

the lots of people we teach at once

Missionary Life:)

Happy Easters! Love Elder Breinholt 4-1-2018

I swear every time i say the word Easter.. i think about nacho libre and the line "ive had diarrhea since easters" or soemthing like that haha. But Im a misisonary too so of couse i think about the Savior :)  Happy Easter to all of us! 

We were able to have a good week in the area! Monday night was a cool experience. Before we go to our investigators we have to pass their compounds basketball court. So we decided to watch for a second and talk to some people. Well eventually this lady was telling me about how she was baptized way backkkkk. And boom.. Thats all your boy needed. hah. Then comes the magic of the elders. We met the family and then taught the Restoration. We also got a return appointment and my comp and a zone leader went and finished teaching the whole lesson. So thats awesome. We taught some of their neighbors too..they joined in. Always gotta be ready for those teaching opportunities. Then we went and talked to Precious and Daniel. They doing good still going to church and what not. They just struggling a little with Word of Wisdom.. But precious is fine. Her mom really wants her to get baptized. So its going to be gooood. She has support from her family. So were gonna try to baptize her this week! Hopefully everything will go good 👊 Tuseday we had a good district meeting! I was able to show my distrcit this cool object lesson about the Book of Mormon ive been wanting to do for a while. I named it 'ice skating' Elder Vaoiva showed it to me. My 1st distrct leader and its stuck with me ever since. You get a piece of paper and tell the person to stand on it with one foot and slide to the other side of the room. Its super hard but when you use 2 it is super super easy. So i related it to the Book of Mormon and the Bible. And then we discussed some verses and verses that helped our investigators. So it was super awesome. It turned out super good. On Wedesnday the Zone Leaders came to our area and worked with us. So we were able to do tons of work and teach like all of our investigators. So it was awesome for our area. We even all found new investigators also. So it worked out great 💪 I wont forget this one discussion we had with our investigator. The one we have to teach on the super busy road. He was asking us why the people of Jesus and like the people in the middle east are so wicked and why are the people still fighting over there in the middle east. So he really wants answers and it seems like hes pretty sincere. Hes a pretty humble guy so we told him its because of the pride of them. But were still gonna try and answer it better next time. Hes cool tho. 
On saturday we were feeling like Book of Mormon prophets. We taught these new investigators we got for the second time and they invited like 5 more new people to listen. So we were teaching like 10 people at once. They accpeted what we taught and one of them gave the prayer at the end. So it went good! Ill drop a pic of them..
Yeah so it was another awesome week! Super fun! Hope you guys had a good week! love you!! 
Elder Breinholt 

Pics of the Week!!!

Pick up game!

Morning work! Spreading the Restoration ! 

It rained! Mud from our bikes on the shirt! Good news!! it came out when i washed it!!

kain po tayo!! 

March 25,2018

Hello po! I feel like the time just goes by faster here in Infanta. On Tuesday we were riding our bikes from setting a return appointment with a recent convert and her husband for Sunday to teach them..which didnt happen :( but theres hope!  i saw a true to the faith on this beach chair.. so i stopped my bike and told my self im going to meet these people.. It turns out that they arent even members.. but the true to the faith fell on the road so they picked it up.. We talked to the Mom and it turns out her parents were baptized into the church. Her husband is catholic and works in the nearby salt fields. And they haven't really met any missionaries. So we came back the next day to meet Jorge! Thats the dads name. Cause he was working. So we met tatay and he said it was okay if we shared to them. He called his wife too to come and listen. We shared the Restoration. They were listening...but it was a little hard to concentrate..because they dont have any chairs..i had a hard time concentrating teaching sitting on my bike seat.. until i just sat down on the road.. so we had to sit on the busy road to teach them. they liked what we shared tho. and we gave them a Aklat ni Mormon. They have lots of young kids too. So it was honestly just a miracle that we were able to become friends with them and teach them that day. Were hoping that they will accept more of our messages. We passed their house a couple of times now but no one has been home. so were hoping we can talk to them soon. 

We saw more blessings of sharing the gospel as we tried to close the parents of Precious and Daniel.. the parents have been struggling with commitments and honestly letting us teach them. But the kids love us and keep the commitments. So were going to keep up the BRT to the parents and really try to help them all be baptized. I was asking around on Sunday who could go with us to teach with us too. So improvement. little by little.! they will progress in the gospel too! I know it! 

Sunday School was extra fun yesterday as i was given the assignment to teach gospel principles. There were 10 investigators and some members and I taught about the Atonement. Here in the Philippines this week they are celebrating Holy Week! its a catholic tradition where they do stuff that inst taught in our church. So we were able to open that up in the class and talk and share about it. So It really helped with the investigators because they all have catholic background. It also really tested my teaching and my knowledge about the Atonement. It went good tho. Made the class go by super super fast xD 

This week was harder than last week. We had to push ourselves more.. and some of our new investigators we weren't able to get a hold of and teach. So it was really testing but we saw the blessings as we studied and worked and were blessed to teach another family about the restoration and it was the Dads first time listening. So it was such an awesome teaching experience. To build off what the family knew to help the Dad know about it too! So it was super fun and the Dad loved us teaching him! So next week were hoping he wont be busy with his job so we can share with him again.

I'm not a perfect missionary. I catch my self having hard time focus in lessons as kids are loud and distracting.. getting annoyed because of certain things about Filipinos.. or my investigators not understanding as fast as i would like..or stumbling on words.. But i know as i am patient and strive to do my best in my calling.. through the atonement these people will feel the desire to be baptized in the Church and come to know of the truth. I've seen the blessings pour out to our companionship as we become friends with these people and teach them the gospel. So we will keep up the prayers and keep our faith strong and continue to strive to help these people. Thank you for the prayers and the support! I love you guys. Work,work,work.

This week we had our 1st district meeting and we had our Mission President Interviews! It went awesome. I love hearing the ideas and the support and love from our Mission president and his wife. 

Have an awesome week everyone! Stay close to the Savior and think about him. I will take care too and watch out this week..cause its Holy week in the Philippines! So wish me luck haha! Hopefully our investigators will still accept lessons this week. They gonna be busy busy this week.. But theres hope! Love you guys! 
Elder Breinholt
Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Pics of the WEEK!!!

In our area we have bikes! they are so fun! its like mountain biking every day also. Cause sometimes we ride on dirt roads and then it will go downhill. so its like mountain biking. haha its the funnest! ALso.. about that picture. the houses are so close to the beach here. And our investigators live right there. So as we teach we can see the beach. Its awesome! 

That's my comp with the selfie stick! and then Elder Evardone! my housemate in my last area is my housemate again haha! and Elder Judilia. He was my housemate in my 2nd area. housemates again haha. 

​Who wants DUCK!!!