Monday, October 9, 2017

Up North goes Elder Breinholt October 8, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!

It was a good week in the Philippines Olongapo Mission for us missionaries.

We were able to work with Ruffa our referral that a member gave us and we were able to teach her with her fellowshipper. And it went really good. She prayed about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and she believes in them. So we extended a baptismal invitation to her for Nov 11. And she accepted. And she really wants to be baptized. So that was the teaching highlight of the week. We also taught Bobby the Word of Wisdom and he was super shocked. And he got pretty serious with us about how he wanted his family baptized with him. But we just haven't found a good time to teach his family. So were working on it. And we worked more with these little girls who are part members. And weve been able to teach alot of people in that area. So its awesome! 

But on Friday night President Lacanenta called me up and told me I was being transferred up north to Iba Zambales.So now i'm out of the South and into the North. So i said goodbye to our investigators and Members in that ward. Im going to miss that area a lot. It was such a good area. But its all good. 
So i got on a bus and headed up here on Saturday. My new companion picked me up Elder Ramos. My first filipino companion! He's from cavite Phillipines and he's 22.  And right when i got here we had a baptism in this area. So we headed straight to the church and i had to unpack my baptismal clothes haha. It was a great day for those kids to be baptized into the true church. Were super happy for them. But i'm excited to work in a new area and get to know these people here and work really hard! 

The church is true. Theres no other church that is true expect the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Im so grateful to be a member of this church. And Im grateful for this opportunity to be here in the Philippines be spreading it! Have a good week everyone and enjoy yourselves! Love you guys

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pics of the Week!!!

Squad with the shades on!!!

Everyone calls me Alaska boy!  They say I look like that kid on the can!! Haha

The Church is True!!! October 1, 2017

Hello Everyone! T'was a good week out here! This week was transfer week and I'm staying another transfer in Cupang. I was honestly shocked. This will be my 6th transfer here xD goodness. But its okay that just means the Lord has more work for me to do here in Cupang! So were excited me and Elder Leakehe to do another transfer together. Its going to be awesome. This week was fun! We taught some of our progressing investigators. Taught them the importance of Prayer and how they need to ask God for themselves if this church is true. Its going to be good to follow up and see if they did it. And we should give some more Baptismal Dates this week. We got a lot to look forward to this week! Its going to be awesome. We also moved apartments. So that's been kinda of a pain but its in a great location for our area because its in the center of it. And were living above the senior couples in our area! So were excited.  We got some new invesitgators who are the granddaughters of a Nanay in our area so they have some great fellowship and they went to church this Sunday with her! There is so much good stuff going on in our area we really just need to keep it up and keep going. 

We are so lucky everyone to be in the right Church! I think about that a ton. So now we just need to be the miracle in someone elses life and help them come to know that!

We havent watched general conference yet were going to watch it next week. So its going to be good. It'll will be nice to hear from them. We cant wait! 

More pics of the Week!

Haha found a Lagoon Shirt

Me walking across a bridge

Mark's Baptism!!!

By small things great things are brought to pass! September 24, 2017

Magandang Umaga po sa inyo lahat. This week was a nice week for us out here in Cupang. 

On Monday we had a sweet Zone Activity and we went to Mt Samot! so that was way nice. Great views and it was really relaxing! We had our last district meeting on Tuesday! This next week is transfer day! So we will get the news if any of us get transferred. I feel like i've really worked hard here in this area. I've now been here 2 transfers so I could be transferred. I wouldn't be mad haha i've been in the same district my whole mission so it would be nice to see some other views. 5 transfers here. But its all good. We did some exchanges and taught Mark more about his Baptism and the covenants hes going to make and it went really good! He asked us some really good questions that we were able to answer. It was awesome. We were able to teach some of our new investigators about what Jesus Christ did here on the earth and how they need to follow his example and be baptized by the correct authority. So that was good. We also taught a lady who was baptized when she was 15 and she went less active, but we retaught her and now we are teaching the kids so its going really good. They love feeding us! So its awesome. We taught Mark some more about his baptism and how we are baptized in the true church. He thought it was fun because we practiced how to be baptized. We made it fun for him. Got him super excited for his baptism! And then we went to his cousin and aunts house for a birthday party! The birthday parties here in the Philippines are super awesome! So what they do they make a ton of food and then all the neighbors come and eat spaghetti, noodles(pancit), and these nice rice cakes. I need to learn more of the names of the food better. But its coming along. Its all good. We had the baptism in the morning on Saturday. It went really good! I was able to baptize him. It went good. It was great to hear his testimony after about the church and he was super excited! And then on Sunday he received the Holy Ghost and got his interview for the Priesthood. Later that night we were invited to another birthday party. And when we go to these parties we always make sure we spread the gospel and ask for referrals. Something always seems to make more since with how people know each other or how they are related its funny! And then we taught some more Investigators and then we had a great dinner at Bishops! So lots of food this week and good lessons.

We just gotta finish this transfer strong and keep up the good work. Keep teaching people the restored gospel and get more and more people aware about the gospel. 

Something that also hit me this week was about how small things great things are brought to pass. And that just by little decisions our whole day or whole week can be effected, even our whole lives. So we just need to always choose the right and do that which the Lord would have us do! I like this Scripture here that says in Alma 
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; bubehold say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

So we need to keep doing those little things like Reading the Scriptures, praying everyday, and going to church every week. I know the Lord will bless us as we do these things.Love you guys. Keep up the awesome work. 

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

More pics of the Week. Sept. 17, 2017


Elder Breinholt and my companion Elder Leakehe.  That's our area in the back


The girl who interviewed us.  She is 23