Monday, February 27, 2017

Mabuhay! Elder Breinholt is in the Philippines!

Hey!! ya Elder's in the Philippines 
Our flight from Utah got delayed because it was snowing/raining so they had to de-ice our plane! It was the coolest thing haha! They had like these machines spray the plane with warm air it was really cool. We barley made our flight to Hong Kong because of it tho. We had to book it to our next flight! It was crazy! But Hong Kong was awesome! I can't believe i stepped foot there! The flights were pretty good! I sat next to other missionaries so i got to sleep the whole way. Which is lucky because now i'm adjusted to the time kinda. So I really lucked out. 

Im now at the Manila MTC! The traffic was insane on the way here! People do not drive in lines here its insane! I don't know how we didn't see at least 1 crash. The weather is fun! We started to sweat as soon as we got off the plan haha! Its super humid here but, it hasn't been as bad as i thought! They fed us lunch right when we got here which was really nice! We had pork adobo and pansit with a bunch of rice! It was really good! I will send pictures later! 

Just wanted to let you know I'm all safe! I love you all! There is so much joy to be found in this work! And I'm happy to be apart of it! I'll be in the field in less then a week! No words for it! 

Have a killer week!

Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pics of Week 5 in the MTC

My MTC district. 
sister fahina brown, sister porter, sister zander, elder yingling
elder kammerman 

Masayang Linggo! Elder Breinholt-Week 5 in MTC

Masayang Linggo!(Fun/happy week)! Tagalog is super fun and also a struggle! It's hard and what not but there is so much we can do to improve and become better! All we can do is just try our best and thats really all we can do. As missionaries we have to stretch ourselves every day or we don't grow. Although some times its hard to get out of your comfort zone, Jesus Christ is there for all of us. We can lean on him and be strengthened through him! Remember that there is always a reason to be happy. ALWAYS. My Teacher Brother Higgins, said it best this week "There's always a reason to be happy because Jesus Christ came to this earth. And that he suffered for our sins. And through his atonement we can become better everyday". Soo awesome and so true that is. That because of Jesus Christ we can experience HOPE. Hope is so awesome. I know that if i stretch myself somehow today and get myself to get out of my comfort zone no  matter what it is. Heavenly Father will bless me as a missionary with hope. To know that tomorrow can be whatever I make it. That tomorrow can be whatever i set it out to be. M. Russel Ballard talked at the mtc this week!!!! It was so awesome! He taught us how to set righteous goals and to stretch ourselves as missionaries and we will grow. Its crazy to think that we can make our future to be whatever we want according to our attitude. Just crazy to think haha. I never really grassped the concept at home lol. But the only reason I'm blessed to feel hope is because of this gospel. Nagpapasalmat po ako para sa ebangheylo, Nagpapasalamat po ako para sa pagbiyad-sala ni Jesucristo, at sapamamagitan ng pagbayad sala, pwede ko po better myself araw-araw. Nagpapasalamat po ako para kay Jesucristo's sacrifice so that pwede po natin naramdaman pag-asa! Although my tagalog isnt perfect, I have a reason to be happy! Im working everyday out here in the mountains of Utah to try to stretch myself everyday. And thats all the Heavenly Father can ask! I'm so nervous to go to the Philippines haha!anyways. Living life as a missionary is just so awesome. I can't really explain the feelings i feel for people and the hope i am starting to feel through my service. Its absouletly incredible. I want it for everyone and i cant wait to share this message with the people in the Philippines! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Valentines Day was fun in the MTC haha! I had 2 valentines. my companions lol. everyone gave each other a bunch of candy it was awesome! And we heard russel m ballard speak that night! Nooo crushes for elder breinholt this year :)

I love you all so much! I leave February 22nd for the Philippines! We fly to HONG KONG!! How cool haha! i get to be a missionary in china lolol. then we fly to Manilla! And stay in the mtc for 5 days! I can't wait! Thank you shan, mom, dad, and mar for sending me letters this week! I would love it so much if i could hear from you guys! You can send me a letter through the website. I get it the same day you send them most of the time! It helps so much! HAVE AN AWESOME ARAW!! LOVE YOU guys so much! 


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pics of the Week-Fourth week at the MTC

1 Month Down! Elder Breinholt-4th letter from the MTC-Feb.9,2017

​Crazy to think ive been here for a month! It seems like i just got here! Some funny things we said in our lessons this week
1. Christ killed the people.
2. i will baptize your deceased grandpa
3. eve ate the prophets
4. we were trying to ask her how her husband was doing. and we said hows your dog. and we said it in the prayer too haha.
funny stuff this week haha! 
Crazy stuff going on here haha. jk! 
I leave for the Philippines in 2 weeks now! We will be staying at the Manila MTC for 5 days then head to our missions! The flight plans just got here i think! SO i will let you all know next week! Its getting so close! Im getting so nervous! As i come closer to Christ the tagalog comes! Its a really hard language but if i was just given the language there would be no faith built! Im so excited for the philippines and what it has in store! 
The Lord can comfort you in hard times! Remember that! The spirit is so strong here at the MTC and i love it! The humor is so dry here tho, but its good because people actually think my jokes are funny here ;) 

Elder Breinholt

Pics of the Third Week at the MTC

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 2, 2017 Third Letter From MTC

Kumusta everyone!!! Life is still a blast at the mtc! Tagalog is sobrung mahirap!!(very hard))) but its okayy :)) its really fun tho haha. When we go around the Mtc we can have conversations and no one can understand us haha its pretty fun. The gift of tounges is so real and im so greatful for heavenly fathers role in this work! no way i could do it without him! 

This week was awesome! For real, theres so much to look forward to as a missionary. Its seriously so fun. right now at the mtc we
 wake up at 6:30
workout/get ready for breakfast at 7:15
breakfast 7:15-7:45
personal study 8-9
comp study 9-10
excersice time 10-11
language study 11;30 to 12;30
check mail lol
then lunch 12:45-1:25
class 1:30-4:30
Dinner 5-15-6
Then class 6:30-9
the schedule is so awesome. i love it. its actually really fun. we get to teach like 5 days a week. lol it turned out that our investigator we got to say yes to work twoards baptism was our teacher lol. so we teach our teachers like 4 times a week. its so hard to teach but the spirit guides us a ton! so so grateful for that! it never gets boring at all!! its actually really fun! 

Theres a couple Filipino elders that are here so we get to talk to them in tagalog(well try haha) and they serously are the nicest people ever! they are so short its so awesome haha. but they are so exctied for us to go to the philippines. it gets me so excited for the philippines its crazy!

We got to host the new missionaries!!! I hosted an elder going to the philippines and a sister going to flordia. It was so sad haha. The sister was crying and it made me cry haha it was so sad to see them leave their families for 2 years. But it was so fun! 

The MTC is seriously awesome! We sing in the choir every week and i always get teary eyed when we sing the songs because they feel so real. Music is such a good tool for the spirit to enter our hearts. The choir director is so cool too. he shares such good stories about the church and joseph smith. Im not sure of his name but hes really awesome. 

An awesome quote my teacher told us in class this week was "We already know whose team is going to win but, why do we choose to pick the other team?" God's team is going to win not satans! So awesome to think about. I let that motivate every decision i make here at the mtc. There is no room for ourselves in this work. We all need to dedicate ourselves and Turn Outward just like Christ. My love for the Savior is growing every day. Sa Pamamagitan ng pananampalataya kay Jesucristo, 
pwede po tayo magbabalik sa Diyos. Mahal Kita!

Elder Breinholt

Pics of Second Week

Taking Comp to Dr. for Tibia Fracture

January 26th. Second letter from the MTC

Holy moly holy moly. this is so awesome haha. being a missionary is so cool. the spirit i have felt here is incredible. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ because, I'm not smart enough for this, but through the savior i can be. its been tough to realize that at times but oh well. i knew that when i signed up for this. 
if you want to help me with my tagalog, send me packages and mail lol. it helps me get through the week so much :)))))))))))) also you will be in my prayers if you send mail. wait that sounds bad. jk who cares. wait thats bad. i should delete that, oh well. this place makes me feel claustrophobic. idk how to spell that word lol. that word's length is short for tagalog btw haha. 

my address is 

Elder Jace Breinholt
2005 N 900 E Unit 113
Provo UT 84602

Something for all you to remember is that Jesus Christ did not turn his back when it was "too hard". He didn't give up when he was suffering for all of our sins. Don't let dumb satan drag you down. he's lame. Think about that first sentence as you go through out your week. Through the savior anything is possible. No way i would be able to learn Tagalog on my own. 

they keep telling us to TURN OUTWARD and forget about yourselves. pray for me that i will SERVE a mission. All of your guys' prayers help so much. you all are in every single one of my prayers.

all you need to know is that I'm doing awesome and that this place has been really fun so far. my comps help me with my weakness and i will be forever grateful. and i kick everyones trash in basketball. the schedule changed and its even better. haha. the days are never boring here and there's so much to do. its so fun. also i miss caffeine :) when i get to the philippines i probably wont get your mail so when I'm in the MTC this is it most likely. i sound so desperate but i love it. the bom of mormon has answered so many prayers and questions i have. if you want to be happy its a good read. 

go to the drive thingy to see my pics. i hope they work lol.
also, for all my rich homies out there. keep my sister and her family in your prayers, pray for her kids that they will grow to be cute little 2 year olds for when i get home :)​