Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Things are looking Green! October 14,2018

Things are looking Green in my Area! Because I'm Training a brand new missionary from the MTC. His name is Elder Dean from Tennessee. He brings awesome spirit to the companionship! We were all super sad though to say bye to Elder McBride. We miss him. I already miss hitting fat jumps with him on our bikes! 

As for other good news! We had the baptism of Marish this past week. Im so happy for her! She is the cutest little girl ever! She stood up to give her testimony and then she got super nervous and started bawling. Then she went and sat down. It was sad but cute at the same time. She has an awesome testimony even tho she got too nervous to share it in front of everyone. Her favorite thing to do is say the family prayers! 

Our baptism for this month didn't show up to general conference. We were so bummed. Super bummed. She will have to get baptized next month. Crisel. 

Other good news tho! Our investigator Jesus cut down his cigarettes. Hes making good progress! We set up a baptismal date for Jan next year! 

Nanay Bertulfo went to Conference with us! She is so awesome. We taught about Word of Wisdom. She has a coffee problem but she is willing to try and quit. My companion asked her to be baptized and she said yes! We set it up for Nov! She said shes gonna idk really what the means but shes going to church! 

Jonie went to Church again! His grandma and his aunt and uncle are members. He hasn't been baptized tho. My last companion and I started teaching him. Hes doing good. He just needs to keep going to church. Hes 10 years old. Hes the one that his teacher was trying to get him baptized in the catholic church.

We also got Ariel and her dad to go to conference. Ariel is 10. Her dad is an Returned Missionary but has fallen off the path. He's the only one in the family that is a member. We've been teaching his family tho! Its been great working with them. He also took some free books that were at the church. Members were giving away because they dont need them anymore. Nanay Berfulfo did that also haha. 

So yeah! It was awesome. Our other October baptisms look like they arent going to work out now. But, things are looking good for the future! 

Also, Conference was so good! I took down lots of notes. i loved the Heavenly Father doesn't want us to be Obedient, He wants us to choose to be obedient.  others also. Sacrafice your pride. We arent MORMONS! haha! thats what most non members know us by. But it will be okay. Life is not meant to be easy. Repentance is spiritual medicine. And lots more! Im so greatful for living prophets and apostles that help guide this Church! 

That sums it up for this week. Until next week! Love you guys!
Finally got a tour of the mission home! 

Elder Mumford (He's from Highland also! We went to the same church building but different wards), Elder Kammerman(1 of my MTC companions) He's training also! ,ME, then Elder Dean

Marish and I! 

Elder Dean from Tennessee

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