Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Another Typhoon ??!! November 5, 2018

Jonie's baptism didn't end up happening this week. Its going to work better for this next week! He's awesome. 

Like the title says tho! We totally had another typhoon! Lots of heavy rains and winds. It kept us in for the day ..We were safe tho! We got working the next day. Then the next day we had Zone Conference! Or should i say my LAST Zone Conference! Yep that's right. I gave my farewell testimony at this Zone Con. After seeing all those missionaries before me it felt great to give mine as well! It was also an awesome Zone Conference! I also got some mail! Its my travel plans for going back home! Dec 17 is the day! It didn't end up good tho because my comp got super sick! Were still not really sure what happened but. That kept us in for a little. We still managed to get some sweet work in this week! 

Nanay Bertuflo and her daughter Clowe got interviewed this week by the Zone Leaders! They both passed! It was great! We got their baptism set up for not this Saturday but the next! I cant wait to see how excited their daughter is going to be on her mission when she finds out. We are keeping it a secret tho..thats what mom wants so.. haha

We also had an unexpected non member who lives in our area at Church! He was taught by the missionaries before me here but when i opened the area i never ended up meeting him. It was great meeting him! He lives over my Sister Irish. Im not sure how we are going to teach him because he lives outside our area and his only day off is sunday. But, im sure we can work something out! 

That was it for this week! We also went on a hike with the Zone today and some members! Super fun! I went on the same hike last year also. Fun stuff! Thanks everyone! love you tons! Have an awesome week! 


This is Jasmin! My 2nd convert! She now has her mission call to the Philippines San Pablo Mission! Im so excited for her! 

Also super happy to see Mauro gett baptized! He was being taught in my last area! Love that guy! 

Also, Bye LINDSAYY! The Philippines Cavite Mission is lucky to have you!

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