Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2nd Transfer here we go!!!!! 4/16/2017

We didn't get transferred! Bagac back at it again! I actually really like it here! This week we only paid for 2 meals haha! Elder Sudweeks is talking us up its awesome! Elder Sudweeks and i have decided that we will start to eat less rice because we both have put on weight haha! We eat about 2 cups of uncooked rice each meal haha! Its the flipping best! The food here is great and were doing great and the people are doing great!

This week i stepped in dog poop while we were getting groceries and didn't realize it until it was all over the house! So that was fun to clean up haha! The smell is gone now!  Elder Sudweeks and I actually scared the poop out of a dog this week too haha! It was awesome! maybe i feel a little bad now but you guys don't realize how many dogs we face each week. Normally they're scaring the poop out of us haha! 

Elder Sudweeks was our branch president yesterday! Haha! so that was a good time! As our investigators go they just need to get going to church. we have some baptisms lined up so hopefully they can just church now. Lori Cascasan is treating us very well and feeding us a lot! So that's been really nice of her! Now we are going to start teaching some others of her family! Its going to be great! Also were teaching a Dad named Rick and a son named Carl. Coincidence? I think they did it on purpose! Were too scared to ask haha! We have a baptismal date for them but they're moving out of the area! So other missionaries will get to see the baptism! We're a little bummed but its all good!

Keep reading your BOM ya'll! Its the foundation to your testimony! If you read it you will make good choices. If you dont read it, it will be easier to make other choices. Remember what you want in life and go get it! No one is stopping you but yourself! Have a good week. Eat some rice for me this week haha! Love you guys!

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