Monday, May 22, 2017

April 30, 2017

Hey Everyone!!! This week was fun! We ate a ton of food and now its Mango Season! So were eating a ton of mangoes! They're so good haha! Good news too! Theres a youth camp going on here for 3 days at the Chapel so we will get fed a ton! So thankkkk youuuuu to whoever set that up! They said that Elder Sudweeks has to give a talk and were good to eat! 

We had an investigator at church! So we were super happy about that! Everyone in the branch made her feel super welcomed and she said she liked it so that's really cool! 
As with the others. We were at the house of one of our investigators and this guy comes up and starts talking to us and we ended up teaching him in the days to come and hes going to get baptized in June! So that was awesome haha! Crazy how the Lord will bring people who are ready for the gospel to you! 
This week we showed the Joseph Smith 1st Vision to the Obra Family! And i felt the spirit so strong it was awesome! I was kind of taken off haha! But I'm so greatful for gift of the Holy Ghost! To be able to confirm the truth to us! Its just a great gift Heavenly Father lets us have! So that was super awesome! 

Other than that go Jazz! and thanks for all the Prayers!!

Elder Breinholt

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