Tuesday, May 9, 2017

April 9, 2017 1st almost Transfer Down!

Time flies! I cant believe my first transfer is already coming to an end! Its going by so fast!! We have transfers this week! I'm pretty nervous because it would be really stressful leading the area haha. We will see! The Lord will be with me always! I'm pretty nervous hahaa. 
This week went by so fast! Elder Sudweeks and I ate some nicely cooked PORK HEART and SQUID this week. I don't really think about it and just eat it. It was actually pretty good. The food is getting better and better! It was awesome haha. 
Conference was good! It was in Tagalog so i didn't understand much haha so maybe one day. lol. shoot for the stars! Language is a struggle haha. I can get the words but i cant put together what it means haha! It's really frustrating but its all good. Its a start!
We found a bunch of new investigators this week so wish us luck!!! We have some more baptisms in May as of right now! So pray for us!! Helps when both of us are white to find new investigators! haha! They love the white skin here! Its fun because people love it when they know we speak tagalog. Its fun to tell them that were from America and why were here. Its super fun!
This week i got some sweet new shoes! Some nice slip ons. That's what everyone wears here! They're the style here! 
Some beautiful beaches that we saw this week! Haha the squid too!!! That brown stuff is the Pork heart haha!! Picture of Zone Conference at the Beach with the sunset. haha jk. and then the new shoes. also some members! 

We didnt get to baptize in the ocean :( Sorry for the false hope! Theres pictures of the baptismal font on my drive! It's actually outside! so theres some videos of us cleaning it and what not! Theres a bunch of pictures on my drive if you can somehow get to that! Love you all! Have a good week!

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