Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Elder Breinholt's Week 4-23-2017

This week was fun haha!

Being a new missionary is fun haha! It's fun to see myself get frustrated haha! All i can do is put my trust in the Lord and pray for his strength! I love this quote from M. Russel Ballard 
"No matter how hard we work, no matter how much we obey, no matter how many good things we do in this life, it would not be enough were it not for Jesus Christ and His loving grace. On our own we cannot earn the kingdom of God, no matter what we do. All of our good works-as good as they may be-are hollow unless they are accompanied by a complete dependence on Christ." M.Russel Ballard
Its great to see the Savior so much in my life. As I pray in Faith and ask for help from Heavenly Father, its incredible to see his hand in my life. I'm so grateful for his example we all have to follow. 

This week we ate 3 lunches on Saturday with Lori Cascasan for a fiesta with some of her family! It was crazy. The food is awesome here and you would all love it!! Elder Sudweeks has Taco seasoning he got in a package so we cooked for a family in the ward! It was so good and so funny so see the situation flipped. to see them eating something new to them! None of our investigators came to church. So that's super disappointing. But we will continue to set a good example for them and hopefully this next week will be better for them! We have 2 really good new investigators. So thats going to be fun to get to know them! Continue to pray for me please! Love you all!
Elder Breinholt
Philippines Olongapo Mission

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