Monday, May 22, 2017

May 7, 2017 I ate Octopus

This week was a nice week! We had an FHE with the most humble people in the world i swear! The Villiasan Family! It was awesome we ate tacos that we made for them and shared a message about praying as a family! I wish i could be humble like them! They're such good examples to us! On tuesday Elder Sudweeks got food poising! So the mission doctor came and checked out our house. We all good tho! Im glad i didnt get it haha! But i was able to give him a blessing and he was fine the next day! The Preisthood brings miracles! It was awesome. So lucky not to have gotten sick yet! But we taught Emel the rest of the plan of Salvation and she likes it! She likes going to church also so May 20 is still the date shes getting baptized! So thats super good! The youth camp was super fun tho lots of good food! The language is coming better haha. its nice to actually know what everyone is saying now. so thats been going good. 

I ate some Octopus yesterday! It was super good actually haha!
We washed 6 white shirts for 50 cents haha! So that was awesome! Super cheap!

Its kind of crazy to think I'm living in Asia i thought about that today and my mind was blown. so thats cool. go team. everyone is so nice here and theyre such good examples to us! Have a good week! GO TEAM

Our house is reallly really nice so were blessed. Haha we have electric fans on us while were studying btw cause its hot and we don't have air conditioning like all of you lucky people haha! 

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